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AfterShokz CES 2019 with Mario Armstrong

AfterShokz had a couple of new product announcements that gained a lot of buzz at CES 2019, check them out! OptiShokz:? OptiShokz is redefining sport sunglasses with shades designed specifically for athletes that combine performance optics and premium audio through AfterShokz’s patented bone conduction technology. Sound is delivered through transducers in the sunglasses temple arms, that guide mini vibrations through the cartilage behind the ear, directly to the inner ear (coch...


Swatch and Mastercard team up for on-the-wrist, on-the-go mobile payments

Swatch has announced its Swatchpay technology is now available in Switzerland, enabling mobile payments from your Swatch watch. It works in a similar way to Apple Pay and Google Pay. Here's everything about it. More>>

Lack of regulation means wearables aren’t held accountable for their health claims

As fitness trackers become more like health monitors, some physicians are concerned they can lead to over-diagnosis of non-existent problems. It’s already happening with wearable baby monitors. More>>

The best sleep gadgets

Do you snore? Toss and turn? Alternate between extremely hot and extremely cold body temperatures at night? A deluge of smart sleep technology on the market aims to help you get a better night of shut-eye. More>>

In search of the fountain of youth, beauty companies turn to tech

Beauty tech is a fairly new concept, but at CES 2019, companies such as Olay, L’Oreal, and Neutrogena were fully embracing it with all kinds of gadgets that promise to give you glowing skin. More>>

Futuristic mask filters out air pollution for cyclists and runners

A concern for cyclists in urban environments is staying safe from airborne pollutants. A cycling mask shown off at CES 2019 could help combat this problem by blocking out air pollution to keep cyclists' lungs clear as they... More>>

How to switch TicHealth to Google Fit on the Mobvoi TicWatch C2 and TicWatch Pro

The Mobvoi TicWatch C2 and TicWatch Pro are both much-loved and feature-packed watches, and they offer excellent fitness tracking. Recently, Mobvoi has switched out Google Fit for TicHealth, but you can switch them back.... More>>

Want to eat healthy in 2019? 10 everyday kitchen products from Walmart can help

If 2019 is the year you curb your delivery habit and start getting intimate with your kitchen. After all, you want to eat well. The only problem is that you’re not sure how to begin. Here are some fantastic kitchen... More>>

REI slashes prices on Suunto, Garmin, and Fitbit Versa smartwatches

Though fitness trackers and smartwatches can get pretty pricey, REI is offering some sweet discounts on top brands. Right now, you can get a new smartwatch from Fitbit, Suunto, and Garmin for up to 35 percent off its... More>>

This energy-generating treadmill cuts your waistline and your power bill

Fitness equipment maker SportsArt was on hand at CES 2019 with its latest piece of sustainable sports equipment - the electricity-generating Verde G690 treadmill. More>>

Walmart slashes prices on the Fitbit Versa smartwatch and Charge 3

We are officially halfway through January, and for a lot of us, that means the struggle to stick to our New Year's resolutions is in full force. Walmart is offering some great discounts on Fitbits to help you stay on track. More>>

Omron HeartGuide brings blood pressure monitoring to your wrist

High blood pressure leads to heart attacks, strokes, and many other health problems, so it's important to keep an eye on. Omron's HeartGuide is a fitness tracking watch that can also monitor your blood pressure from your... More>>

Beddr SleepTuner hands-on preview

Get past the fact you’ll be in bed with a sensor on your forehead, and the Beddr SleepTuner may be the first step in curing your sleep problems and improving your overall health. More>>

Slip on Soma’s smart bra and you may discover you’ve been wearing the wrong size

You might think you know your bra size, but it’s probably wrong. Instead of a tape measure, Soma wants you to try on its Somainnofit smart bra, which takes measurements at four points and has an app that recommends... More>>

Here’s the oddest and weirdest wearable tech we saw at CES 2019

CES 2019 is a hotbed of technical innovation, but some wearable devices may take innovation a little far for our comfort. Here's some of the weirdest wearables we've come across at CES 2019. More>>

Think this smartwatch doesn’t have a screen? Think again

This looks like a regular chronograph watch, but it holds a secret: It's really a smartwatch and even has a hidden screen, which is revealed only when you need it. We took a closer look at CES 2019. More>>

Google Fit wants to make it harder for you to forget your New Year’s resolution

Indulge over the holiday season? Of course you did. Want to kick off the New Year with an incentive to get fit? No, not really. But just in case you do, the Google Fit app has a challenge lined up to help you get back in... More>>

Take a dip in the sea with Mobvoi’s new Ticwatches at CES 2019

Quality smartwatches don't have to be expensive, and Mobvoi's Ticwatch proves that. With CES 2019 in full swing, Mobvoi took the opportunity to take the wraps off the Ticwatch S2 and the Ticwatch E2. More>>

Stomach implant device uses jolts of electricity to fight obesity

An implant created at the University of Wisconsin-Madison could help fight obesity by attaching to users' stomachs and then suppressing feelings of hunger using jolts of electricity. More>>

Cordless hair dryers aren’t really a thing but Volo wants to change that

Finding a free outlet can sometimes be a pain in cramped bathrooms, so having a cordless hair dryer makes sense. The Volo Go is one of the first of its kind, and thanks to its infrared technology, it can supposedly dry... More>>

Fishing for compliments? Put on the beautiful Kate Spade Scallop 2 smartwatch

Designer Kate Spade has announced the Scallop 2 smartwatch, a sequel to the immensely popular Scallop from early 2018. We spoke to Mary Beech, Kate Spade's chief marketing officer, about it. More>>

Startup wants to reverse Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s using human blood extract

A cutting-edge startup is working on a treatment for neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's by altering the concentration of plasma proteins in patients. Here's how. More>>

Withings takes on Apple with ECG-equipped smartwatch, blood pressure monitor

Withings kicked off CES 2019 with a trio of new wearable and connected devices including an ECG-equipped hybrid smartwatch that is well situated to challenge the Apple Watch Series 4. More>>

The discounted Garmin Forerunner 35 is a great Fitbit Versa alternative

This GPS watch was made for the sole purpose of fitness tracking. Whether you're running, biking, swimming, or walking, the Forerunner 35 is able to give you key metrics to aid you in your quest for a healthier you. More>>

Amazon cuts prices on the Charge 3 and Fitbit Versa smartwatch

Amazon is slashing prices on Fitbit devices left and right. Pretty much everything from the Fitbit Versa to the Charge 3 is getting a sweet discount of $20 or more for a limited time. More>>

Amazon slashes prices on Fitbit fitness trackers for the new year

Activity trackers are one of the simplest ways to take your fitness to the next level, and Fitbit makes some of the best. To help you keep your New Year's resolution to get (and stay) fit, here are a handful of the best... More>>

CES 2019: The Willow 2.0 breast pump lets women live their lives while they pump

At CES 2019, Willow unveiled its second-gen mobile-connected breast pump, aimed at helping women continue living their lives while still being able to pump. The pump fits inside a mom's regular bra. More>>

The best weightlifting apps for Android and iOS

Want to get ripped but can't stand generalized fitness apps? These are the best weightlifting apps with a focus on gains, form, muscle targeting, and the other features that you're really looking for. More>>

The 10 best health apps

You should take care of yourself all the time, but if you haven't been, now is the perfect opportunity to get back on track. Check out our favorite health apps designed to get you into better shape. More>>

You can finally buy Vuzix’s AR smartglasses, but it’ll cost you $1,000

If you loved Google Glass, but missed that boat when Google shut the project down, then look no further than the just released Vuzix's Blade for the smartglasses you've always desired. More>>

Precision medicine depends on DNA, but sending out your spit still has risks

The FDA has approved certain aspects of 23andMe that use your genetic information to reveal health information. Is it really worth the cost, and should you give away your DNA so easily? More>>

Time is running out to enjoy this Apple Watch deal before Christmas

If you're looking to pick up a gift for yourself, or a gift for the Apple geek in your life, this Apple Watch Series 3 deal from Amazon is exactly what you need. You can even get it in time for Christmas! More>>

Groundbreaking stem cell brain implant helps fight epilepsy in rats

Severe epilepsy is very difficult to treat, but an experimental approach involving implanted stem cells in the brain represents a groundbreaking way to potentially stop seizures for good. More>>

The best fitness gadgets

There are a number of great fitness devices that aren't smartphones or fitness trackers, providing functionality that those products can't while helping us to stay healthier and injury free in pursuit of our goals. More>>

Fitbit supercharges its smartwatches with its new 3.0 operating system

Fitbit announced a new software update for the Versa and Ionic, called Fitbit OS 3.0. The new OS will allow for things like on-device daily views, as well as 10 new third-party apps on the watch. More>>

From drones to smart pills, 2018 saw significant tech advances in medicine

From medical robots and CRISPR gene editing to algorithms and organ deliveries by drone, here are 2018's most significant landmark events in which cutting-edge technology met medicine. More>>

Walmart drops prices on Apple Watches and other fitness trackers

Smartwatches, fitness trackers, and wearable heart rate monitors from Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin are popular gifts. Wearables are smarter and more capable than in earlier years. We found the best wearables deals on... More>>

The LG V40 ThinQ, G7 ThinQ, and Watch W7 are discounted for the holidays

LG announced a series of deals for the holiday season where you can buy the company's two flagship phones, the V40 ThinQ and G7 ThinQ, as well as its latest smartwatch, for between $150 and $200 off, depending on the device. More>>

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