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Reported by Steve Dorsey

Fruitland Camera Catches Speeders


FRUITLAND, Md.- Fruitland police say a speed camera there has issued at least 95 citations.

Police began using the device in March.

Police say they station the mobile camera--that is mounted inside an unmarked white SUV--in school zones, to prevent speeding. It operates Monday through Friday, even during summer vacation for students.

Speed camera warning signs are also posted near where the camera is stationed.

The camera catches drivers going at least 12 miles over the speed limit. It records their license plate numbers, and a citation is sent to the person to whom the car is registered. Each citation is $40, but drivers do not face any points.

The camera frees up officers to do other work, according to Nick McCleod, a Fruitland police officer.

"Having the manpower to dedicate a person to sit here for eight to 10 hours a day is not quite feasible," he said. "But having a unit that can remain here no matter what is cost-effective."

Police say the money the camera generates goes to the city to pay for public safety efforts.

The police department says it is the first law enforcement agency on the Eastern Shore to use the device.

However, the cameras have some opponents. Across Maryland, some people have formed groups to protest the use of the cameras in their communities.

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