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Charlie's Amazing Loop Antenna Instructions


Now that the digital conversion is a reality, Charlie found a simple and inexpensive way to make a television antenna that actually seems to work for digital signals. (That IS the warranty, by the way: "IT ACTUALLY SEEMS TO WORK!"

Of course, Charlie is completely on his own with this design, which is not endorsed in any way by the WBOC engineering department, WBOC management, WBOC or frankly anyone else, (with the exception of George Maddox of Accomack County, Va., who would probably disavow it as well. (But that's only if Charlie is caught or captured.))


1. A digital TV OR a digital converter and a regular TV

2. A 75-300 ohm transformer

(You can find these at any electronics store. It has one threaded end for coaxial cable

the other end has two connectors that look like little forks.

3. A piece of thick copper wire, cut 18 inches long. the kind of wiring used for lights and receptacles in houses works fine.

if it's coated, that is ok, it doesn't have to be bare, as long as the ends are bare copper.


1. Make a loop with the copper wire, and point the ends together so it has the shape of a lightbulb.

2. If there is insulation on the wire, remove 1/2 to 1/4 of an inch of the insulation.

3. With a pair of pliers wrap the spade ends of the transformer around the ends of the wire. Push down until each one wraps around, then tape them both tightly with electrical tape. Keep them separate, that is important. If you go to an electronics Store, they have little blocks that do just that.

4. If you have a digital tv, connect a coax cable into the other end of the transformer, and put the other end of that cable into your tv.

If you have a digital converter, plug that cable into the ANTENNA IN port, and the other into your tv.

Follow the setup instructions for your TV or converter box.

The rest of this is guesswork and luck. Our tower is in Laurel, Del., so you want to put that antenna in a window in your house that faces that way. You can use more cable to get to the window that works, but you dont want more than fifty feet of cable, and you dont want any more cable than you need.

If you don't get WBOC, try moving the antenna and rescanning. Most TVs and converters have a function that allows you to continuously scan a single channel. If you do that and move the antenna, you can look at the TV and see if the movement makes it better or worse.

If it doesn't work in a window, see if it works outside the window. If it does, then you might have to figure out a way for it to safely be outside.

Other things to remember - don't use any more coax cable than you need, Don't bend the coax too hard or it will break.

I sincerely hope this works for you, please do let me know!


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