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Movie Review: The Hangover

Scene from "The Hangover" Scene from "The Hangover"

Four friends drive to Las Vegas for a bachelor party at Caesar's Palace. Three of them wake up the next morning to find their hotel room totally wrecked and Doug, the fourth friend and husband-to-be, missing. The three hungover friends have absolutely no memory of what happened and no clue where Doug is.

Bradley Cooper (Wedding Crashers and He's Just Not That Into You) stars as Phil, the handsome, horndog teacher who leads the others. His character isn't as annoying or self-involved as one might think. Here, he's more of a straight man swept into the various pratfalls and crazy situations.

Ed Helms, from the TV series The Office and The Daily Show, co-stars as Stu, the henpecked and cuckold dentist who perhaps is lacking in self-esteem. Yet, his character is probably the smartest and most pragmatic of all the friends.

Zach Galifianakis also co-stars as Alan, Doug's brother-in-law who is basically a dense, yet very sensitive, bearded freak. Alan called himself a one-man-wolf-pack. This speaks of a reclusiveness and loneliness that completely makes him incapable of handling certain social situations properly.

However, his awkward nature does come in handy at the blackjack table as he channels that card counter from 21 as well as the idiot savant powers from Rain Man. When thinking of Alan, think of those guys only furrier and slubbier.

But, besides pulling cheap laughs with the occasional gross-out humor and physical comedy where we easily delight in the characters getting bruised and hurt, this is a funny ride. It's a ride that takes us from a chicken to a hot, stripper chick. Having to contend with a former heavyweight champion with a funny, singing voice is the least of their worries when pitted against an Asian mobster who has a voice like Kim Jong Ill as depicted in Team America: World Police.

This comedic mystery had me laughing from start to finish and never needed to pull me along. Even a wedding singer doing a ridiculous version of 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" had me cracking up.

Four Stars out of Five
Rated R for language, nudity and some drug material
Running Time: 1 hr. and 40 mins.

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