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Best Overlooked DVDs of 2009... So Far

Scene from "A Good Day to be Black and Sexy" Scene from "A Good Day to be Black and Sexy"
Scene from "Wendy and Lucy" Scene from "Wendy and Lucy"

The DVD for Twilight sold a record 3 million copies in one day. Most people know about it. It doesn't need me to trumpet it. Instead, my list focuses on those DVDs of which you might not have heard, good DVDs that come from independent or alternative sources, or even mainstream offerings that got little play or acceptance from the masses, that had hardly any hype, essentially those titles that were overlooked.

REVOLUTIONARY ROAD (June 2) - Leonardo DiCaprio and Oscar-winner Kate Winslet play a married couple in 1950s, suburban New York whose love for one another is slowly deconstructed. They concoct a plan to save their relationship, but the tapestry is unraveled at times savagely. It's the best anti-romantic film that's smartly and fiercely written and acted.

HAPPY GO LUCKY (March 10) - Nominated for the Best Screenplay Oscar and anchored by an effervescent performance by British actress Sally Hawkins who plays Poppy, a modern woman whose indomitable, cheerful spirit is challenged, this is an excellent character-study.

A GOOD DAY TO BE BLACK AND SEXY (Feb. 3) - This is a collection of vignettes, one based on a stage play. All are photographed verite-style, and, all vignettes look at black sexuality honestly and more openly than any film has in a decade or so.

DONKEY PUNCH (April 7) - An only talked about but never-practiced, sex technique is the basis of this chilling film filled with thrills and horror about seven youngsters who go yachting on the Mediterranean Sea but none of whom come back alive.

THE DEAL / WHAT JUST HAPPENED (Jan. 20 / Feb. 24) - If you wanted to know what it is a movie producer in Hollywood does, check out these two comedies. One stars William H. Macy in a romantic farce where a producer pushes the production of a ridiculous action film and the other stars Robert De Niro in a Barry Levinson satire that illustrates perfectly the creative and personal problems that derail high profile motion pictures, continuing in the tradition of such satires as The Player or Bowfinger.

AMERICAN FUSION (Jan. 13) - A middle aged Taiwanese woman who works at a newspaper falls for a Mexican dentist, played by Esai Morales, but can't handle her mother's very strict, nagging, conservative nature in this hilarious comedy featuring the final performance of Pat Morita.

WHIRLWIND (Jan. 27) - A group of gay friends are torn apart when a handsome stranger undermines their relationships in his attempts to prove that all gay men are superficial and sex-obsessed.

WENDY AND LUCY (May 5) - This is a stark, bare tale of a young woman and her dog. Wendy runs out of money on her way to the northwest for work and has to make tough choices if she's to survive.

I.O.U.S.A. (April 7) - This documentary follows David Walker, the former comptroller general, and, Robert Bixby, the head of the Concord Coalition, as they try to educate the public on the national debt and the problems with the country's monetary and fiscal policy. In light of the recession we're in, this film is very enlightening.

THE SHIELD: SEASON 7 (June 9) - Dubbed the "final act," this is the season that wrapped up the highly controversial and seminal cop show that exposed the corruption within the Los Angeles Police Department. We finally learn the fate of the exploits of the fictional Strike Team, led by the ultimate anti-hero Detective Vic Mackey, played with conviction by Michael Chiklis. From the way it was made to the way it was received, this show had a lot of tension, but its conclusion is by far the best ending any TV series has ever had. Bravo!!!

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