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The Best Johnny Depp Movies


In a recent article, Joel Ryan of E! Online wrote that Johnny Depp is now counted in the category of movie stars who are past the age of 40 who, if they aren't in a film that has outrageous comedy or grand special effects, will probably not have many people show up to the theater for them.

Conversely, this was a week after Leslie Gorstein, also of E! Online, posted an article about how Johnny Depp is ranked very high on this year's Ulmer scale.

One reason Depp may be high on the Ulmer scale is because many women find him attractive and some men, due to some of his roles, find him to be very cool. I'd like to think he's rated highly because he's such a great actor.

In June, Depp turned 46. He's appeared in about 38 feature films. Nearly every one of those films has been phenomenal, but if I had to choose a top five, it would be these:

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (2003) - The film that earned Johnny Depp his first Oscar nomination and became by far his best-selling movie in the box office tops my list of favorite films from the Kentucky-born actor. His creation of this seemingly, perpetually drunk scalawag is nothing short of brilliant. Depp has probably never been more inspired or creative than here.

ED WOOD (1994) - Certainly, inspiration and creativity abounded in Depp's role as the infamous filmmaker. Depp is probably at his most hilarious. He proves to be a comedic genius as well.

NICK OF TIME (1995) - Depp plays a father whose daughter gets kidnapped by a perfectly, psychotic Christopher Walken. There are plenty of twists and turns, but what never twists or turns is Depp's determination to do whatever he can to save his child, and certainly we feel that.

WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE (1993) - Leonardo DiCaprio got the Oscar nom for this film, but Depp as the titular character carries some great dramatic weight, as he's the one who has to contend with and hold together his highly-challenged family, while trying to hold together some life of his own.

SWEENEY TODD (2007) - I didn't realize that Depp could sing until I saw this dark musical from long-time collaborator Tim Burton. It's an amazing adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's tale of a barber who seeks revenge on the man responsible for the death of his wife. Bravo!

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