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Watching WBOC-TV 16 on Cable, Satellite TV and Over-the-Air


Watching WBOC-TV 16 on Cable, Satellite TV

The WBOC-HD channel and the FOX21 HD channel can be found on these area cable TV systems:

Comcast Cable (except in Kent County, Del.): WBOC-HD: Channel 212   FOX21 HD: Channel 213 

Bay Country Cable: WBOC-HD: Channel 87.1   FOX21 HD: Channel 87.2

Verizon FiOS (Sussex County, Del. only):   WBOC-HD: Channel 506   FOX21 HD: Channel 505

Mediacom Cable: WBOC-HD: Channel 806

Easton Cable:  WBOC-HD: Channel 106

Satellite TV: WBOC and FOX21 are currently available on DirecTV and DISH Network in the following counties: Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester counties in Maryland and Sussex County, Del.

Watching WBOC-TV 16 and FOX21 Over-The-Air

WBOC-TV 16 is now broadcasting in digital and HDTV!

You can watch our digital channels with an antenna connected to a digital TV or a digital converter box. 

On a digital tuner, the channel name is WBOC-HD. The channel number is 16.1.

Some viewing facts about WBOC-HD: 

  • The digital picture and sound are studio quality! Your home picture looks as good as our studio picture.
  • The picture is wider! It's one-third wider than traditional television and looks more like a movie.
  • Many programs are offered in "high definition" (HD) format, with five times the detail of traditional TV.
  • The sound is transmitted in CD quality. It is usually in stereo, but some HD programs feature stunning "5.1 Channel Surround Sound" which certain TVs and home theater systems can decode.
  • Some traditional programs and advertisements are not as wide as HD. When they appear, you will see blank columns or "pillars" on each side of the TV screen.
    FOX21 is also available on the digital channel.

On a digital tuner, the channel name is FOX21. The channel number is 21.2.

Presently the FOX21 Digital channel uses a traditional 4x3 picture shape and does not include HD programs.

FOX21 in HD is available on cable TV.

Using an Antenna to Watch WBOC-HD and FOX21 Digital

Our digital transmitter tower is located in Ralphs, Delaware, about 10 miles north-northwest of Salisbury, Maryland. For best results, you should aim your antenna in that direction. If you want to plot the direction and distance from your viewing location, it's located at 38-30-17 North and 75-38-37 West.

Most digital TVs and converter boxes need you to "scan" to find the digital TV channels. Make sure your digital TV can find channels 16.1 and 21.2.

Your digital TV or converter box may need the TV channel number we use to transmit digital TV. We broadcast digital TV on channel 21.

You will need to experiment to find the best antenna situation to set up. An indoor antenna may work if you're located closer than 10 miles to our transmitter. Otherwise, you may need an outdoor antenna with the sensitivity to pick up the signal from our transmitter and the other digital stations in the area. For more information on using an antenna, click here.


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