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Preparing a preliminary budget for your new kitchen is an absolute must.  It will save you and the professionals you bring to the table time, aggravation and money.  You may think that if you give the kitchen designer your budget upfront you will not be able to negotiate or will somehow be taken advantage of.  In fact, the opposite is true.  If you are working with a true professional who makes their living designing and selling kitchens, their goal is not to sell you something you cannot afford or will be unhappy with later.  Their goal is to connect you with the best products and services available on your budget.  That is always a win-win.  You get exactly what you want, for the money you choose to spend, and the designer has a satisfied client who will undoubtedly refer friends, neighbors and co-workers creating future opportunity for the designer.  When you sit down to prepare your preliminary budget , the first thing to do is break the project down into manageable pieces.  Trying to set a reasonable budget by looking at the total job will most likely be more of a guess and less accurate than if you take the time to break it into smaller components.  For example, your project may include the following:

New Floor - Range $6-15/sf depending on your choice from vinyl to laminate all the way up to hardwood or tile.  As usual, there will be options both above and below this range but this will cover a good part of the spectrum.

Appliances - This can vary widely based on the type, size and finish of your new appliances.  Use the internet to research and price likely options and add this to the budget.

Cabinets - This will be the most difficult area to pinpoint without an actual design and cabinet selection.  By way of example, you can figure $150/lf at the lower end of the cabinet quality all the way up to $1000/lf or more.

Countertop - These will range from the entry level using post-form laminate tops at around $15/lf to granite or other stone products at $50-100/sf.

These are the top 4 budget items to consider but there are certainly others that will add to the final budget.  Some of these are installation, plumbing, electrical and lighting, painting and any tile work that needs to be completed.  The more time you spend on the budget, the better prepared you will be to start shopping for your new kitchen.

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