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DVD Review: Easier With Practice

Brian Geraghty (The Hurt Locker) plays Davy Mitchell, a 28-year-old author who's on a book tour through New Mexico with his brother Sean. The two go from town to town in an old station wagon. They sleep in crappy motels or on an even crappier mattress in the back of the wagon. All of that changes, however, when Davy gets an anonymous phone call.
Mitchell is reserved. He's a bit sensitive and shy, but he's certainly social. He has no problem with standing in front of a crowd of people reading his short stories, in essence baring his soul. He also has no problem talking with girls in bars.
Yet, meeting random girls in bars, taking them back to his motel room and hooking up with them is not what he's out there to do. His brother Sean, played by Kel O'Neill, is a different story. Despite having a girlfriend named Sarah, Sean wants to try and hook up with other people, specifically college girls who are easy to land. One gets the feeling though that Davy doesn't share that desire. He doesn't want random hook-ups. He wants something stable, something real.
The possible antithesis of that arrives in the form of an anonymous phone caller named Nicole. At first, it seems like a wrong number, but Nicole is able to sexually excite Davy with only her voice. Davy hasn't had that many girlfriends and the prospect of this girl being interested in him is exciting. While Davy may seem a little desperate, he's admittedly not good with relationships whether it's starting or maintaining them. Perhaps, it's because he's easily embarrassed. He says it's because he can't live up to anyone's expectations, but perhaps he suffers from a lack of esteem.
Davy continues getting calls from Nicole. He finds it easy to talk to her, easier to be with her because she doesn't really expect anything. She doesn't expect anything but his voice, which he can easily provide. Yet, it gets to a point where Davy himself starts to have expectations, which ultimately change things. As a result, Davy begins to change and begins to want to break out of this funk that he's in, the funk of not being in a relationship.
The film is a loose adaptation of an article in GQ magazine by Davy Rothbart based on his real experience. Kyle Patrick Alvarez writes and directs this awkwardly erotic piece, which poignantly peeks at a person's petrifying predicament with a practice relationship. Geraghty gives such emotional depth and weight to this guy that his character can't help but sit with you, even long after you've walked away from this movie. Geraghty, for the most part, is alone in this film, talking to a voice on his phone and the mostly solitary actor carries the story greatly.
Five Stars out of Five
Rated NC-17 for explicit sexual dialogue
Running Time: 1 hr. and 40 mins.
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