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New O'Donnell Book Sparks Fresh Controversy

Christine O'Donnell's new book went on sale Tuesday. (Photo: Christine O'Donnell's new book went on sale Tuesday. (Photo:

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- Christine O'Donnell's new book hit stores Tuesday drawing controversy similar to her most recent political campaign.
Titled "Troublemaker," published by St. Martin's Press, O'Donnell discusses her family growing up, Delaware politics and the media firestorm following her infamous "I'm not a witch" ad.
The former candidate made national headlines in 2010 when she defeated Congressman Mike Castle in the Republican primary for Vice President Joe Biden's former Senate seat. Democrat Chris Coons went on to win the general election.
A Sussex County woman is now challenging the accuracy of at least one story in the new book.
"When I read her account of the event, I immediately knew it wasn't accurate," said Maria Evans of Lewes.
Evans said the description of a July, 13, 2008, Republican fundraising event in Delaware involving Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is not accurate. At the time, Evans served as communications director for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee and recorded the audio of the event.
On page 176 of the book O'Donnell writes about Barbour, "He stood right up there and gave me my own little shout-out. He said he was grateful to see his old friend Christine O'Donnell in the audience, or words to that effect. He even took it a little further, saying that I'd done a great job back when I worked for him, that the party should be proud to have me as their candidate, and that he had no doubt I'd do a great job in Washington if I was elected."
But Evans, who went on to briefly work for Castle's campaign and is now writing a book about O'Donnell, said Barbour barely mentions O'Donnell in her audio recording.
"I don't have to tell you all how lucky you are to have Mike Castle," Barbour is heard saying in the recording, followed by applause. "Christine O'Donnell worked with me at the Republican National Committee," Barbour continued, partially masked by further applause.
On page 175, O'Donnell wrote that former state party chair Tom Ross introduced Barbour and recognized all of the candidates in the room - except for O'Donnell - in an apparent swipe. Evans said the audio shows Castle introduced Barbour and no candidates were recognized during the introduction speech.
Matt Moran, O'Donnell's former campaign manager, said the audio is taken out of context and contradicts nothing.
"This is the same group that lied to the FEC and lied about Christine's record so their shameless credibility is shot, and Christine has been exonerated," Moran said in an emailed statement. "If the failed leadership of the old Delaware GOP this past decade and their obnoxious sense of entitlement really where interested in moving forward, they would be praising her for the bold message and insights about Barack Obama and plan she lays out for going forward."
"But again, they are so worried about their corrupt ways being exposed they are trying to discredit the messenger," Moran's statement continued. "Look at their source, as the Establishment Old Guard is rekindling their same shameless tactics they exhibited before Castle's over 6 point loss last September."
Moran's email included a letter from Barbour dated Sept. 24, 2008 - months after the fundraiser in question - in which the Mississippi governor praises O'Donnell's leadership and offers his support.
"The ousted DE GOP leaders are scrambling like desperate fools; once again lying about me and misrepresenting what I say in the book," O'Donnell tweeted Monday.
"They are acting like they did right before their crushing defeat in sept 2010. Resorting to half truths and smears," O'Donnell said in another tweet.
Evans is related to former Delaware Congressman Republican Tom Evans. Evans denied her involvement in primary rival Castle's campaign contributed to her decision to challenge the accuracy of O'Donnell's book. Evans also denied rumors the audio had been altered.
"My audio is unedited," Evans said. "I would be more than willing to turn it over to you so you can send it out for analysis."
The book is on sale at stores across Delmarva. Steve Crane, owner of Browseabout Books in Rehoboth Beach, said it is unclear if O'Donnell will return to southern Delaware for a signing or book promotion event.


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