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What I Want for Christmas


It's the beginning of the holiday season and Christmas will be here before we know it! What do you want for Christmas? Tell us about it and we'll post it on this page. Email your special Christmas wish to Christmas@wboc.com . Feel free to get creative and if possible, include pictures. For your submission to be considered for publishing, please be sure to leave your name and town or city.


My Christmas wish this year is to be able to give my children a Christmas. This year has been very hard for me because I cant give one to them and it hurts to hear them tell me what want and I know I'm not going to be able give it. Am praying that blessed will happen and give me the ability to give them a Christmas.

Amy Long
Magnolia, Del.


I am normally each year in the Christmas spirit, but unfortunately like many Americans am suffering from the economy. I am a current college student that is having trouble even finding a part-time job and knowing full well what little there is to offer for when I graduate in spring 2013. My request isn't for myself but for other people:

1) That my mom at the age of 56 finds a full-time job that will pay her enough money to live and that my parents get out of debt.
2) My boyfriend that lives in a different state than I do finds happiness in his job and his life and that someday we can live in the same state and be together.
3) That my fellow college students find what they are looking for when they graduate and be successful in all that they do.
4) As for the economy that jobs come back to America and we can have a thriving economy again and families can have their stress taken away.

That is all I want for Christmas.

Heather Condon


All I want for Christmas is a few simple things in life:
1. For the police to arrest, try, and convict all the Bloods and Crips in all of the cities of America.
2.  For President Obama to reduce the national debt, and not run it up anymore like he's trying to do now by asking for unlimited power to raise it.
3. For my tax burden to be lowered so I can afford to feed and house my family.
4.  A cost of living raise that covers the inflation rate so I can continue to just scrape by instead of going under. I have gone without one for the last four years now.
5. Many new jobs for the remaining 52 percent of my fellow Americans who are without jobs.
6. Smaller, and less intrusive government and regulations.
7. And last but not least ....... That all the good and decent Christmas wishes of my fellow WBOC bloggers / posters all come true for them.
Merry Christmas to all,
Camden, Del.


I wish for a white Christmas and for all my family & friends unlimited happiness.

Doris Cook
Parsonsburg, Md.


All I want for Christmas is a faithful man...

Debbie Logan


Not to be greedy but would love a few wishes. I would love to give son and his wife a special gift for their opening their home to us as we get house refixed due to fire for last 4 months now. For my grandsons to have the bedrooms when done they should have with all the trimmings. If I had one wish for me it would be to get a mobilty scooter, but thats being greedy on my part. Of couse we all want things, a new car would be nice, house , etc. But most of all, I think we all really want peace in the world, peace in our little part of the USA and faith to overcome.


Terrie Kuntze

As we prepare for the birth of our third baby we would love to just be able to pay some bills off this Christmas so we could stop worrying about money so much.

Lauren Simms
Sharptown, Md.


This year has been an amazing blessing for me and my family. On August 18th my husband, myself and my older son welcomed a new baby boy!! What more could I ask for!! Although a 60 minute massage wouldn't hurt! Lol! Merry Christmas!!!

Cindy Meisinger
Camden-Wyoming, Del.


The best gifts for Christmas don't come in the form of material items. I have been blessed many times over in the past year, I have a wonderful husband Tommy Smith and three beautiful, happy children TJ, Ashley and Sara so all I want for Christmas is for them to continue to be happy and healthy. I am truly blessed with such a great family,
Frances Smith
Eden, Md.


For Christmas this year, I just want to be able to see my family. Last year, I moved to Louisville, Kentucky, and I haven't seen my family or friends since then. All I really want is to be able to see them this holiday season.

Crystal Windsor
Louisville, Ky.
formerly Cambridge, Md.


I have so many blessings all year, that I just want a few books this year. The new James Patterson Book about Alex Cross, and The Number 18 book of Janet Evanovich. I have had three eye surgeries this year and hope my vision improves, I am so thankful that I can see now.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas.

Priscilla Jackson
Salisbury, Md.

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