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U.S. Ranked No. 1 for Wine Consumption


SALISBURY, Md. - Remember that old saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"? The latest medical research is touting a different fruit - grapes - the key ingredient to wine. And it seems Americans are taking note.

According to new research, the United States is now the number one consumer of wine in the world. Meanwhile, Americans are drinking less beer: nearly 11 percent less since the start of the recession.  

But it is a different story when it comes to wine. Last year, Americans guzzled a record 3.7 billion bottles of wine.

Some Delmarva businesses said they have definitely noticed the boom on the peninsula.

Whenever Jeff Trivits and his crew stock up for diners at Sobo's Wine and Beerstro in Salisbury, they want to make sure their shelves are full. There is a good reason why.

"Wine sales here locally have definitely increased," Trivits explained.

In fact, Sobo's saw an 11 percent increase in wine sales from 2010 to 2011; a statistic shedding light on a nationwide trend.

"When Sobo's was opened, I don't think there was that strong of a wine base in this area. The opening of a lot of local wineries have given the locals more understanding of wine, more appreciation of wine," Trivits said.

Down the street, Vinny Bellia, owner of Vinny's La Roma, said the same thing. He is selling more bottles of wine than in past years and he thinks he might know why.

"Doctors and everyone keep saying it's good for your health, it lowers your cholesterol. And personally, I like wine with my dinner more than beer, cause it blows you up."

Local wine lovers agree.

"I love the way it complements my food. I'm not really into hard liquor or beers and it's a relaxing, soothing drink that also has a lot of health benefits as a woman," said Katie Pusey of Seaford.

And some say there may be other reasons we are pouring more glasses.

"Because of the way the economy is in this country today and people are under so much stress that I think it kind of helps you relax and maybe it's not as harmful as something stronger," noted Salisbury resident Jane Youngk.

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