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The Paleo Diet: Eating like The Caveman

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SALISBURY, Md.- Fad diets come and go, but the Paleo Diet has been around for millions of years.

The Paleo Diet is a diet where you eat the way our ancestors did back in the paleolithic times. That means lean meats, fruits and veggies and no packaged foods.

Many people swear by the diet, saying that it has helped them lose a lot of weight while others are not buying it, saying the regimented plan is too hard to maintain.
You will not catch Mike Nelson of Salisbury eating a hamburger or french fries, because he has traded all of that for the Paleo diet. 

He said he is doing the diet because it promotes a lifestyle of our ancestors from the paleolithic era.  

That's why all you will find in Nelson's home kitchen are foods like lean meats, bananas, a pineapple, almonds and colorful veggies.

"Any diet that says you can have as much bacon as you want is a diet for me," Nelson said. 

He said that in the past he has tried all types of diets but never got the results he wanted. 

"Two years ago I was 50 pounds overweight and now I am getting close to where I want to be," he said.

Nelson said the Paleo Diet has also helped him sleep better. He said not only does he like the physical changes it brought but also how it makes him feel on the inside.

"Every time I get a scratch or a cut it heals a lot faster," he said. "This whole diet is almost like a cleanse to get rid of all the crap that's in your body too."

There is no headache of counting calories, points or being constantly hungry. But is the Paleo Diet too good to be true? Maybe, but certified nutritionist Nicole Acle said that the diet could work for many people.

"If you can eat foods in their natural state: avoiding processed foods, avoiding foods with additives and preservatives, that is the most heart-healthy way to go," she said.
But Acle said there is one catch.
"You most definitely need to have an exercise regimen for any diet that you do."
The Paleo Diet is based on a simple premise- if the cavemen did not eat it, you should not either. It is a notion that Steven Beck said he tried but could not stick to for long.

"The fact that it is not very fast, the temptation of where I work and the monetary factor are probably the three bullet points," Beck said.

Beck said even though he is off the diet, he still tries to stay healthy.
"The best thing about the diet was probably the fact that it changed the way I look at food. I go, 'Oh I want that but how is that going to make me feel?'" he said. 

Meanwhile, for Mike Nelson the Paleo Diet means he does not have to question what he is putting inside his body.
"It's definitely not for everyone but if everyone did it and stuck to it, then everybody would have great results. I feel the best from doing it," Nelson said. 

The Paelo Diet is a challenge that requires turning back time. Nutritionists say it is an idea that could help change the way we  view what we eat in this day and age.

Acle said if the Paleo Diet appeals to you, be sure to supplement the plan with calcium and vitamin D.


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