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DVD Review - The Men Next Door (Special Features)

Eric Dean as Doug in "The Men Next Door" Eric Dean as Doug in "The Men Next Door"

The Men Next Door is about a 40-year-old pilates instructor who dates two men at the same time. One is a 50-year-old retiree and the other is a 30-year-old business executive. It's a sexy, light-hearted, romantic comedy with a wrinkle, a crazy twist. I go into more detail in my lengthy review of the plot and its themes. I even delve into spoilers of what the twist is in my article where I interviewed writer-director Rob Williams. Yet, here I wanted to focus more on the DVD's Special Features.

The disc contains a commentary track with Williams and his three main actors, including Eric Dean who plays Doug, the man in the middle, Michael Nicklin who plays Jacob, the 50-year-old, and Benjamin Lutz who plays Colton, the 30-year-old. All of them are funny to hear. There's a little bit of an argument though between them. It's nothing too intense, but it's over whether audiences bother listening to these such commentaries.

Many people are generally curious about the filmmaking process, just as people are generally curious about how a magician does his tricks. Some people at this point, after about two decades of DVD commentaries, have grown tired of commentaries where the people on them spend the whole movie praising those with whom they worked or praising the work itself ad nauseam. People either want specifics about the process, to pull back the curtain and reveal what really happened, or else some funny, on-set stories.

Of the four guys on the commentary track, Lutz is the one who continually has to remind the others not to veer from what people want from commentaries and to keep providing pertinent or interesting stories. The others don't veer off too much, but, ironically, the veering off is probably some of the best stuff, perhaps thanks to the fact that wine may or may not have been flowing during the commentary. I'm not sure, but if it was, it definitely helps to maintain a loose and lively feeling, as well as helps to get lewd or lustful comments flowing too.

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