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71 Suspected Drug Dealers Indicted in Wicomico County

Wicomico County law enforcement officials show a vehicle seat cushion with a hidden compartment they say was used by the drug trafficking ring to stash illegal drugs for transport. (Photo: WBOC) Wicomico County law enforcement officials show a vehicle seat cushion with a hidden compartment they say was used by the drug trafficking ring to stash illegal drugs for transport. (Photo: WBOC)

SALISBURY, Md.- In what authorities are calling the "biggest drug bust in county history," a multi-year investigation targeting a large-scale drug trafficking organization in Wicomico County has led to the indictments of 71 suspected drug dealers, including several suspected drug "kingpins."

Wicomico County State's Attorney Matt Maciarello, Sheriff Mike Lewis and other members of the Wicomico County Narcotics Task Force announced the arrests at a news conference held Thursday at the Salisbury Police Department.

According to Lewis, the hidden compartments in cars that were used to stash illegal drugs show how organized and significant the drug ring was.

"You can see the level of sophistication that goes into the installation, manufacture and deployment of these types of compartments in the drug trade," Lewis said. "We have not indicted 71 nickel-and-dime drug dealers. We have indicted major drug traffickers."

In addition, officials said more than $1 million worth of heroin, cocaine, marijuana and prescription pills were confiscated, along with more than $600,000 in cash and property. Authorities also said they were able to confiscate numerous firearms, ammunition and bullet-proof body armor, which the suspects allegedly used to facilitate the sale of illegal drugs throughout the area.

According to Maciarello, the following indicted suspects have been charged since the beginning of the investigation:

  • Austin Roberts, 36, of Salisbury
  • Ranson Chandler, 35, of Salisbury
  • Dashee Hauson Covington, 31, of Cambridge
  • Robert Lee Elmore, 39, of Princess Anne
  • Duane Horsey, 33, of Salisbury
  • Phillip Scott Bailey, 34, of Salisbury
  • Charles Alexander Myers, 28, of Salisbury
  • Holly Sterling, 36, of Salisbury
  • Quincy Lamar Maness, 27, of Salisbury
  • Lavaughn Clifton Price, 40, of Salisbury
  • Leonard Hassell, 43, of Salisbury
  • Louis Terrel Smullen, 34, of Salisbury
  • Shawanna Byrd, 35, of Salisbury
  • Keith Lamont Parker, 25, of Salisbury
  • Shawn Donta Hugee, 37, of Delmar, Md.
  • Leonard Edward Drew, 45, of Salisbury
  • Myron Lamont Waters, 42, of Salisbury
  • Kevin Lindele Parker, 28, of Salisbury
  • Kierre Lontrel Collick, 24, of Delmar
  • Anthony Arsenault Sr., 55, of Snow Hill
  • Mark Farrell McCabe, 48, of Berlin
  • Antwan James Townsend, 24, of Parsonsburg
  • Brittany Marie Hansen, 28, of Salisbury
  • Phillip David Horner Jr., 34, of Salisbury
  • Janet McKee, 50, of Salisbury
  • Mary Lou Sieglar, 49, of Salisbury
  • Roscoe Thomas Henry Sr., 45, of Salisbury
  • Kenneth Gerrard Johnson, 35, of Salisbury
  • Anthony Corbin Jones, 33, of Salisbury
  • Jevon Lamonte Mills, 36, of Salisbury
  • Brian Keith Mason, 40, of Salisbury
  • Terron Lamont Crump, 34, of Salisbury
  • Kevin Cornelius Land, 36, of Salisbury
  • Jeffery Edward Simpson, 49, of Salisbury
  • Deandre Antoine Wright, 29, of Hebron
  • Tyrone Sheppard, 42, of Salisbury
  • Tyrae Warran Dupris Cuffee, 34, of Delmar
  • Kevin William VIckers, 24, of Chestertown
  • Tristan Meshon Dozier, 31, of Salisbury
  • Tyshon Gabriel Hobson Sr., 25, of Salisbury
  • Annette Laverne Loper, 50, of Salisbury
  • Tymar Kereem Purnell, 31, of Salisbury
  • Ronnie Julian Bivens, 30, of Salisbury
  • Maurice Kenneth Hardy, 37, of Salisbury
  • Leon Grant, 26, of Salisbury
  • Arnold Williams, 34, of Salisbury
  • Andrew Raymond Jackson, 39, of Baltimore
  • Allan Purnell, 32, of Salisbury
  • Tereek Nutter, 29, of Salisbury
  • Eric Maurice Holbrook, 31, of Salisbury
  • Jamy Toadvine, 36, of Salisbury
  • Irving Lawrence Polk Jr., 34, of Salisbury
  • Delante Jones, 22, of Salisbury
  • Donald James Webb, 58, of Salisbury
  • Michael Tyrone White, 52, of Crisfield
  • Richard Lee Williams, 42, of Georgetown, Del.

Maciarello said the following suspects are still wanted in connection with this investigation:

  • Shawn Lee Brown, 38, of Salisbury
  • Brian Matthew Arnold, 24, of Chestertown
  • Benjamin Basil Fontaine, 35, of Salisbury
  • Michael Stuart Matusky, 35, of Willards
  • Floyd Lee Sykes, 33, of Salisbury
  • Rashaan Abdule Evans, 29, of Salisbury
  • Dwayne Lamont Taylor, 43, of Salisbury
  • Antonio Bradley, 30, of Salisbury
  • David Jesse Hotton, 34, of Selbyville, Del.
  • Develle Howard Morgan, 35, of Salisbury
  • Jason Robert Suha Elliott, 34, of Mardela Springs
  • Devale Jerwyn Palmer, 37, of Salisbury
  • Jeffrey Linwood Wilhide, 54, of Salisbury
  • Jerry Lee Gully, 26, of Ocean City
  • Anthony Hardy, 41, of Nanticoke

The following suspects, however, have been charged as CDS-Drug Kingpins: Austin Roberts, III, Ranson Chandler, Jr., Terron Crump, David Hotton, Anthony Hardy, and Maurice Hardy. 

Maciarello said someone charged as a drug kingpin is one who is believed to occupy a position of organizer, supervisor, financier, or manager, and who acts as a co-conspirator in a conspiracy to manufacture, distribute, dispense transport in, or bring into the state, a controlled dangerous substance. The penalty for drug kingpin is imprisonment for not less than 20 years nor more than 40 years.    

Kelly Hawrylyshyn, who is a mother of three in Salisbury, said that word of this drug bust puts her mind at ease. 

"That's a relief to me to have them behind bars I feel more comfortable with my children being out walking the streets or with their friends knowing the streets are safe," she said. 

Ernie Mittle said he has lived in Salisbury for many years and spends a lot of time outside doing work around his house. 

Mittle said he feels safe knowing so many alleged dealers are off the streets.

"Nail them and put them away," Mittle said. "It looks like we have to build more prisons and it's like all of us, we don't want it in our backyard but it's here so use it." 

David Buchanan said he calls the work of police a job well done.

"It is an appropriate thing for government to be involved in no matter what you think about the size of government and I think everyone agrees that this is what we ought to be doing," Buchanan said.   

Anyone with information on the wanted suspects is asked to contact the Wicomico County Narcotics Task Force at (410) 548-4005.

The 71 indicted suspects face a range of state and federal charges including conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute controlled dangerous substances. They could face between five and 40 years in prison if convicted. 



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