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Community Reacts to Lance Armstrong's Doping Confession

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DOVER, Del.- The news of Lance Armstrong confessing to doping has many people in Kent County divided.

"What goes around comes around. You have to be always truthful and honest in life," said Chris Moore of Dover.

"Everything that he admitted, I think they should take the title away from him," said Jerome Trott of Dover.

Dave Moses is the owner of Dave's Bike Shop in Dover. He said he does not agree with doping, but supports Armstrong in what he's done for the Livestrong Foundation -- helping to raise money to fight cancer.

"He's been responsible in raising close to a half-a-billion dollars for that cause, so I'm not ready to throw him under the bus," Moses said.

So why did Armstrong decide to confess now?

Moses says Armstrong probably wanted to protect the Livestrong Foundation. 

"I know there are others who feel that he put himself first, but when you think about the fact that he fought deadly cancers more than once and won, this foundation is so strong to him and his heart because of what he had been through. I still believe that he deserves a place in history," Moses said.

Others say they are on the fence.

"It was deceitful the way he did it. He lied, but at the same time the coin has two sides. He did good as far as the money he raised for cancer research," said John Cook of Dover.

Leonard Worsham of Felton said he was a cyclist for more than 20 years and knows what it takes to be good at it.

"I think he would have won without the drugs. I don't really think he needed them. He's a great athlete," said Worsham.

Others have a different opinion.

"I feel that there's tremendous pressure in this country to win at any cost. He was probably doing what thousands of other athletes have done to excel at their sport," said John Trenberth of Felton.

Moses said he does not blame the athletes as much as the governing bodies, or those who test for doping in athletes.

"I think in the end this will make all sports safer for all those involved because they're not going to be compelled to use any performance enhancing drugs," Moses said. "This is considered the most highly technical doping scheme there ever was for them to raise the bar when it comes to testing and making it more difficult instead of making it seem like it's acceptable."

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