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Attempts to Deplete Invasive Snakehead Could Put the Fish on Local Menus

SALISBURY, Md.- Wildlife officials say the invasive species known as the snakehead fish is taking over the Chesapeake Bay in alarming numbers, and threatening other species. In an effort to cut down the population, fishermen are being encouraged to catch the fish, and some restaurants are serving it on their menus. WBOC wanted to know how you would feel about the invasive fish cropping up as food in Wicomico County.

One look at its face, and it is no wonder how the snakehead got its nickname, "frankenfish."

"It's a little strange looking. It's pretty ugly." noted Pamela Hart of Salisbury.

And those unsightly looks are exactly why people like Hart are a little skiddish about the idea of taking a bite.

"If it were FDA approved, I would probably try it, but that would probably be the only way," she said.

Tim Windsor said he would be willing try it out, too, especially to help out the Chesapeake Bay.

"You know, just to give it a try, like a catfish," said Windsor. "Maybe something different to try. But yes, if they can get rid of it and if they can do something with it, it'd be nice to try and maybe eat.

At 1 Fish, 2 Fish in Salisbury, John Connell offers a variety of fresh catches. He thinks the snakehead fish could catch on.

"Obviously, it is kind of an ugly fish but I think, especially here on Delmarva, I think people kind of go beyond that," he explained. "I don't think it really would scare people off too much. As long as the fish has a good taste to it and it has a good price, I think they can get over the fact of the presence of what it looks like."

Connell said he thinks it might take a little while to build up a fan base, but as long as there is a market for it, it' will sell.
Those who have tried snakehead fish describe it as meaty, delicious and clean-tasting. It has been well-received in upscale Manhattan restaurants, and could soon make its way on to a menu near you.
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