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Town Hall Meeting on Gun Control Draws Large Crowd in Worcester County


OCEAN CITY, Md.- If you mention the words gun control, be ready for a heated debate.

"There is no reason for an average American to have an automatic weapon," said Tony Donofrio, of Ocean City.

But on the other side of the fence are people like Matthew Greensfeder.

"I think every person should be able to carry a gun," Greensfeder said.

But who is fit to pull a trigger and who is not is the issue some folks say sits in the barrel of the debate on gun control.

"I feel that the world would be a safer if everybody didn't really have guns, except for people who really suppose to have them," said Ashley Throne.

Many people say those with mental illnesses are inclusive.

"An assault rifle ban did not stop what happened in Newtown," said Maryland First District Rep. Andy Harris, MD. "A mental help treatment might have stopped what happened in Newtown."

The National Institute of Mental Health studied nearly 18 thousand people with serious mental illnesses and found 16% were prone to violence.

"People with violence, or violent behavior, or the potential to commit violence, we should get them treatment before they get to that stage," said Andy Harris, of Ocean City.

Mental illness or not, some say pull the trigger on gun control.

"People having assault rifles and semi-automatics, and things like that, I don't think there is any need for that just to protect yourself," said Diana Lange. "You know a simple handgun would do the trick."

Maryland lawmakers will address mental health issues related to firearm access in an upcoming vote that could happen as early as Tuesday, February 19.

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