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Wicomico Sheriff Speaks to Md. House of Delegates on Gun Control


Editor's note: As Maryland lawmakers consider new gun control measures, Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis, who serves as president of the Maryland Sheriff's Association, shared with the state House of Delegates his position on the Second Amendment. What follows is the transcript of the speech the sheriff delivered Friday on the House floor:

Mr. Chairman and distinguished members of the House- 

As a life-long resident of Wicomico County, and an avid hunter and fisherman, my views are certainly stronger than some others.  However, I echo other Maryland Sheriffs when I say I oppose any law or regulation that infringes or restricts a citizen's right to protect himself or his family, the true reason for our long-standing Second Amendment Rights.  The Maryland Sheriff's Association has agreed to work with Governor O'Malley and our local delegation on the following issues regarding gun control and public safety. 

  1. Closing background loopholes to keep guns out of dangerous hands
  2. Working with prosecutors to vigorously prosecute those that commit crimes with firearms
  3. Making schools safer by enhancing security and working with school administrators in planning for critical incidents
  4. Increasing access to mental health services for at risk patients 

I agree with these common sense points of discussion which identify the real issues associated with gun control that do not infringe on a citizen's right to bear arms under the Second Amendment.  As a 28 year veteran of law enforcement, twenty-two years as a Maryland State Trooper, and now six years as the SHERIFF of Wicomico County, I have a distinguished career in both gun and drug enforcement across the State of Maryland, with thousands, not hundreds of street and highway arrests under my belt.  I'm very proud to say that I have been that grunt in the trenches, and I feel qualified to say that proposed Senate Bill 281 will do nothing to reduce, suppress or stem the flow of gun crime on the streets of Maryland. 

I've never arrested and charged a person for a gun crime where the gun was legally registered to them.  The guns were often stolen, sold for drugs (including Marijuana), and now we're even trying to legalize that for God sakes.  Come on, please, do you really believe these proposed "feel good" laws will reduce any crime?

Due to Maryland's lack of vigorous prosecution of gun crimes and Governor O'Malley's determination to abolish the Death Penalty, along with this new proposed legislation, there is tremendous incentive for criminals to move to Maryland to resume their criminal activities.  Our law-abiding citizens, now discouraged from legally purchasing a firearm due to these proposed hurdles, can only stand by and watch these criminals flourish in their old profession of terrorizing innocent citizens.    

These are nothing more than "feel good" proposals that do absolutely nothing more than impact our law-abiding citizens, and undoubtedly make our law-abiding citizens victims of those criminals who will continue to steal, rob, rape and murder while holding a firearm to your neighbor's head. 

I swore a solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of Maryland, and I'm prepared to STAND MY GROUND with my constituents for the preservation of its traditional interpretation.

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