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Just One Parrot Left out of 30 from KCSPCA


CAMDEN, Del. (WBOC) - Just one parrot is left for adoption through the Kent County SPCA out of 30 that ended up at the shelter earlier this month. About one hundred people came out to the KCSPCA shelter after news spread of the dozens of parrots up for adoption. The parrots were taken from a home in Georgetown and brought to the shelter.

Most of the birds found homes that first big day and then almost all the others. Now KCSPCA executive director Kevin Usilton says it's down to just one blue and gold macaw.

"It needed to be socialized and have a little bit more down time and also some more time one-on-one with a human being."

He says it's ready now. And the shelter posted on Facebook its availability for adoption late last week. However, the parrot is not currently at the shelter. It's with a foster family.

"We'll screen the people prior to," Usilton said. "Then, we'll set them up with the foster family, so they can go look at the bird."

Usilton says the adoptions of the other birds have gone pretty well so far - though, there was a concerned voicemail from someone saying one of the parrots was up for sale at a pet store.

"We followed up with all of our adopters who had come and adopted a pet or that we had transferred them out to - some of our rescue partners - all of them were accounted for. All of them had a clean bill of health."

And there have been some behavioral issues that come along with any new pet.

"Some of them had been handled really well and were easy family pets to introduce," Usilton said. "Some of them were more challenging."

If you're interested in adopting the remaining macaw, click here to learn more.

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