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New Report Says Del. Has a Politeness Problem


DOVER, Del. (WBOC) - Call it a "rude" awakening. Some of the states that make up Delmarva appear to have a politeness problem.

A new report, from a firm called Marchex, looks at how courteous and foul-mouthed states are.

And parts of Delmarva don't fair too well.

Carl Clere knows a thing or two about "please" and "thank you." He sells people lunch from his cart in downtown Dover a few days a week.

"There are a lot of them that do say please," he said. "A lot of them of them do say thank you. But there are those who don't. That's OK."

Clere likes it when customers are polite.

"I've was raised to be polite. It's nice when you have people who are polite back to you."
But, according to the Marchex report, politeness is a rarity in Delaware. The report ranked states on how likely people there are to say please and thank you - from very courteous to not courteous. It also ranked them on how likely people there are to curse - from goody two shoes to sailor.

Delaware is one of five states in the bottom category for both. There are six states that were in the top group for both.

"I haven't seen that particular study," said Gov. Jack Markell, D-Delaware. "I will tell you as a parent I think there is an incredible responsibility on the part of the parents to raise their kids to be respectful."

Delaware State University psychology professor Dr. Gwendolyn Scott-Jones says it can all come back to a person's formative years.

"If there's a family, and in the home the mother and father leisurely use swear words, the kids will generalize the swearing into other environments."

Scott-Jones says impoliteness and excessive cursing are things people can train themselves out of as adults. But it's not easy.

Delaware may have finished in the bottom part of both categories. But Maryland came in all the way at second to last for cursing. The state did do better on being courteous. Virginia came in more polite than both the other states.

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