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Distracted Driving Campaign in Delaware Begins

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DELMAR, Del.- Using a hand-held cellphone while driving is illegal across Delmarva, but that does not stop all drivers from making calls on the road.

So in Delaware, police officers there are ramping up the third wave of their "Phone in one hand, ticket in the other" campaign.

Some people say it scares them to see other people on the phone while driving.

"He was on the cell phone and the other guy started to move into the lane so both of them had to swerve off to the side just to avoid the accident," Mary Shrieves said.

Using a cell phone while driving has been illegal in Delaware since 2011.

"They're not paying attention, they're worrying about texting and talking on the phone so they need to pay attention to the road," David Campbell said.

Police officers will be out on the roads until June 17, being extra vigilant about cell phone infractions.

"I just think they need to enforce it more because everyday you see it and it's like no big deal to the person that's doing it," Shrieves said.

But some people say it's not so easy stop. "I think we all kind of sneak and do it, ya know," Milliardarie Griffin said.

Seeing Delaware police give out more than 4,000 tickets this year for cell phone use has got Griffin to cut down a little bit.

"I'm not gonna lie, I have, but since I see the reports and especially the campaigns about what can happen if you text... I try to cut back," he said.

Fines for cell phone use while driving begin at $100 for first-time offenders in Delaware.

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