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Colleagues Rally to Aid of Rep. Wilson

Rep. David L. Wilson Rep. David L. Wilson

LINCOLN, Del.- Delaware Rep. David L. Wilson, R-Cedar Creek-Hundred, was injured in a Wednesday morning three-vehicle crash near Lincoln that killed two people and left four other people injured.

Wilson has represented part of northern Sussex County since 2008. And friends and colleagues in the legislature rushed to his side after the crash.

When the accident happened, Rep. Harvey Kenton, R-Milford, was having breakfast in Milton with another legislator and a few farmers.

"I had a phone call from Rep. Wilson at the accident scene," Kenton said. "Rep. (Steve) Smyk, R-Milton, and I left where we were at and went to the scene. We helped him get his things out of the car, helped him calm down. He was very upset."

Kenton daid Wilson did not actually see the entire crash happen.

"Rep. Wilson was in the right lane about 1,000 feet past his residence. Someone was passing him on his left side."

That blocked his view of the car that crossed the median. Kenton said all Wilson saw was the truck go into his car pushing him off the road. After Wilson was taken to the hospital, several state officials paid him a visit.

"[Gov. Jack Markell]showed up," Kenton said. "Rep. (Pete) Schwartzkopf, D-Rehoboth, showed up. Ten or 11 from our caucus showed up.

"The first thing he asked me when I got to the hospital," Schwartzkopf said. "He said, 'Please tell me there were no kids in that car.' I told him there were no kids in the car."

"Naturally he was concerned about the others in the accident," said Rep. Ruth Briggs-King, R-Georgetown. "It's upsetting when you're part of an accident with fatalities."

Even after the crash, Wilson said he wanted to go to work at Legislative Hall.

"I said, 'No, no,'" Schwartzkopf said. "He doesn't need to be here today. We're not passing any legislation. We have committee hearings today."

"The governor said, 'Rep. Wilson I'm going to excuse you today,'" said Kenton. "Rep. Kenton you're not excused. I will see you in Dover."

And for at least for a little while, Dover was a place where being a Democrat or Republican did not matter - just people worried about a friend and fellow lawmaker.

"I think the world of him," said Schwartzkopf. "We're from Sussex County. We huddle together."

"It was very important to be supporting Rep. Wilson. He really appreciated our support," Kenton said.

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