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Tropical Storm Soaks Dorchester County


CAMBRIDGE, Md.- Tropical Storm Andrea made its way over Delmarva but not without dumping heavy rains across the peninsula, particularly in Dorchester County.

Cambridge saw 5.67 inches of water on Friday.  It was a storm that Cambridge resident Charlese Kuehne watched from his home on Glenburn Avenue.

"It was pretty tense on rain.  The lightning and thunder, there wasn't much, but the rain was just came down in buckets.  I mean there were times where for 15-20 minutes, it just poured," said  Kuehne.

That much rain in a short amount of time was a recipe for flooding.  Water Street in Cambridge saw a decent amount of water flow onto the road and even up onto some nearby properties.  Neighbors whom WBOC spoke with said that there were other streets in that area which also had some problems.

"I've never noticed any of them impassable.  There was some, I did notice the police going around blocking off some.  There were certain areas where they really did want people to travel through," said Kuehne.

24 hours later, things seem to be clearing up.  Water has left most of the roadways and Cambridge is operating normally.

"Much better. There were times the yard here looked more like a pond than a yard and the streets did get flooded a few times but like my dad said, with the sewers real bad like that, luckily it went down," said Kuehne's daughter, Cheryl Phillips.

There were periods of time on Friday that the storm was so intense, radar determined rain was falling at about 2 inches per hour.  Certainly a strong enough storm to cause that minor flooding Friday and create a soggy Saturday.

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