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Del. Looks at Banning Use of Head-Mounted Computers While Driving


DOVER, Del. (WBOC) - Trying to stay ahead of the technological curve - that's what some lawmakers in Delaware are looking to do. They want to ban people from products like Google Glass behind the wheel.

Google Glass is a relatively new product that's like wearing a smartphone. It lets the wearer check the weather, take pictures, send messages, etc. - on his or her head through glasses.

It does that through projecting a little image in front of the eye.

That may sound like something out of science fiction, but it's now science reality.

The concern is driving and using something like that could be a bad combination.

Delaware already has a ban on driving while using a long list of electronic communication devices, like cell phones. Rep. Joseph Miro, R-Pike Creek Valley, wants "wearable computer with a head-mounted display" added to the list.

"This distraction, to me, is even bigger than the previous one with the cell phone," he said. "Because it right in your line of vision."

WBOC reached out to Google for comment. A spokesperson didn't comment directly to the bill but did say in an email: "It's early days, and we are thinking very carefully about how we design Glass, because new technology always raises new issues."

"I don't think it should be banned," said Harvey King, of Camden. "I think people should make the choice for themselves. It probably is not the best idea, but I still think people should be able to choose for themselves whether they have the ability to do that or not."

"I think [a ban] is a very good idea," Kimberly Carroll, of Frederica, said. "It's very distracting. If everybody has glasses, it would be very distracting to them."

The public at-large can't buy Google Glass yet, but that could change by the end of the 2013. Rep. Miro says he doesn't want to wait for everyone to have them before moving to stop people from driving with them on.

"Advances in technology are what people are going to gravitate to. I'm trying to be very proactive. If you want to wear it, that's fine - but not while you're driving."

A House committee approved the bill this week. It now heads to the full House of Representatives. There are just two weeks left in this year's legislative session. If it doesn't get through now, lawmakers can look at it again in January.

Delaware could be the first state to pass a law like this, though a similar bill has also been introduced in West Virginia.

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