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Possible O.C. Boardwalk Dress Code

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OCEAN CITY, Md.- Ocean City leaders will soon discuss a possible dress code for the boardwalk. The goal would be to do away with the "saggy pants" look.

It's not an idea that's new to beach towns. Just last week, leaders in Wildwood, N.J., passed an ordinance for its boardwalk. Waistbands cannot fall three inches below the waistline. It's a measure that some locals and vacationers would like to see in Ocean City.

"I think it might be a good idea because there are a lot of children down here and they, you know, really don't need to see somebody's underwear and more sometimes," said Robert Phillips of Ocean City.

"I don't want to see anyone else's underwear.  And if you're going to sag your pants below your butt cheeks, why even wear pants to begin with?,"said Lori Yerger of Dover, P.A.

Town leaders in Ocean City plan to discuss the option of doing away with saggy pants on the boardwalk at the next council meeting on July 9. While there are many people in favor of a more proper pants position, Shawn Ferin of Ocean City does not want to see the rule take effect.

"There have been saggy pants for as long as I can remember and it hasn't been a problem before. I don't know why they're going to say something about it now. I mean, they can't tell us how to dress because we're not hurting anybody. We're not even showing that much," said Ferin.

Vacationer Sidney Chance, of Easton, believes a law or ordinance would just encourage more people to sport the look.

"I feel that if people were told they weren't allowed to wear saggy pants or if they made a rule for it that more people would break the rule or want to break the rule and I feel like less people would come down here," Chance said.

It is up to Ocean City leaders to decide whether the sag can stay. In Wildwood, violators of the ordinance will be escorted off the boardwalk and possibly face a $25 fine when the law takes effect next month.

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