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Nanticoke Wildlife Area Vandals


BETHEL, De. - Usually when you take in the sights and sounds at Phillips Landing, you notice nothing but how tranquil and beautiful it is. But environmental officials in Delaware said that this wildlife area is being threatened by a wave of vandalism.  

According to the Delaware Dept. of Natural Resources, the area has been treated like a landfill over the last couple of years. They said that large appliances such as refrigerators, washers, and driers have been abandoned in the area.

On top of this, monuments have been defaced, including one monument to Captain Josh Smith, which was toppled down by a group of teenagers.

"It makes me feel terrible," said Southey E. White a man in his 80s who said he's been visiting Phillip Landing for decades. "To tear up a place like this - where you have fun, and sometimes you come down and go picnicking. And it's not right. And they should be sent away and with a big fine at that."

Small signs of damage are visible across the wildlife area. Concrete benches were recently added because the wooden ones that used to present were thrown into the water. The porta-potties show wear and tear from being flipped repeatedly. Randy Selph from Laurel said that he was very upset to see the damages.

"The vandalism is terrible," he said. "At times you come down here and the porta-pots are knocked over or thrown in the river."

Greg Rhodes from the Delaware Department of Natural Resources said that they are taking new action to combat the vandals. He said that officials can not be present at all times, and so they need the public's help. They ask that people report all vandalism to the proper officials.

"If you do vandalize our wildlife areas or any of our properties," he said. "We will catch you, we will prosecute you and after that, it's up the courts what's done next."

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