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Crisfield Gets Neighborhood Watch


CRISFIELD, Md.- They're not your usual cops. They don't have arresting powers or a weapon clipped to their hip. But Crsifield Police Chief Mike Tabor says they are the real deal.

"Their work is to see something that involves the community that the police should investigate and calls us on the phone," said Chief Tabor.

But these "unarmed" cops are not police officers, they are "Citizens On Patrol," Crisfield's new neighborhood watch.

"You can't have the police everywhere 24/7, so the neighborhood could help out and tell what they see," said Ashley Lattimore, of Crisfield.

Robert Hooks, of Crisfield, said this is just what Crisfield needs.

"If you're going to help try to curb crime, you got to speak out," said Hooks. "That's the problem here in Crisfield. Nobody wants to speak out when they see something."

But some people believe after a watchman shot and killed an unarmed teenager in Florida, a neighborhood watch in the area doesn't sound like a good idea.

"I think the circumstances in Florida are entirely different than here," said Chief Tabr. "I mean here you have a citizen that observes something and makes a phone call. That's all. Let the police come to the call. Let the police handle the situation. You do not get involved. "

Wayne Horsey said he worries a watchman may get out of control.

"It's something to think about, it might happen," said Horsey.

Hooks said he believes it will not happen here.

"I don't think people are going to get that crazy and carry a gun," said Hooks.

Hooks said he'll sleep better at night, knowing Chief Tabor will screen each watchman thoroughly before given a badge.

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