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Heroin on the Rise in Delaware

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DELAWARE- In Delaware, heroin use is increasingly becoming a major problem, one which police are battling on a higher level than ever. In Sussex County, police from Delmar, Laurel, Seaford and Blades have all reported a growing problem of this drug in their communities.

Many users of heroin started with prescription drugs, according to police. But they said that as Delaware cracked down on the abuses of these drugs, many have turned to heroin instead. According to police authorities, heroin use leads to increases in thefts, violence, and overdoses.

On Aug. 12, 500 bags of Heroin were seized in Laurel, an amount that has a market value of approximately $5,000. Just one week earlier, 350 bags were found in Blades, an amount valued at $3,500. These are just the two most recent, of a long list of heroin seizures this year in Delaware.

Tracey Waters was returning to his home in Delmar on Monday morning after working the night-shift at his job as a newspaper delivery man. He said economic forces were forcing many in his community to deal drugs.  

"The problem is real bad right now in Delmar," he said. "Because people don't have jobs and are looking for ways to feed their families. And it's hard. It's really hard out here."

The problem expands outside of Delmar though. In Laurel, WBOC was given a driven tour of some of the major drug complexes. Three of the biggest locations for this illicit activity are Little Creek Apartments, Carvel Gardens, and Hollybrook Apartments, according to this undercover officer.

Back in Delmar, Tia Fountain looks after her brothers and sisters. She worries about this growing trend in her community.

"I don't want them to hang out with that type of crowd and be influenced by these types of people," she said. "So as the older sister, I have to monitor what they do to make sure they're good."

The undercover officer tells WBOC that the economics of the heroin trade make it clear why it's spreading so much. Suppliers in places like New York and Philadelphia will buy a kilo of heroin for approximately $70,000, after it is smuggled into the United States from areas in Latin America and Asia.

According to police, this product will then be diluted into 2 kilos to maximize their profit. After, it will be cut into 80,000 bags, being sold for $10 each. This makes the total market value $800,000.

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