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Salisbury Inventor Creates His Own Version of a Hybrid

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FRUITLAND, Md. - A Salisbury inventor has come up with what he believes to be a cheaper and equally as fuel efficient version of a hybrid car.  Gregorio Belloso's hybrid does not use lithium batteries like many hybrid cars today but rather just regular car batteries.

Belloso's hybrid engine was built in a prototype vehicle that he and his brother have been tinkering with for the past 15 years.  Just a few weeks ago he was granted a patent on the plans.  Two small engines, either automotive or electric, are connected to a jack shaft and are powered by regular car batteries.

"You can run both, or more, power sources together to accelerate and then use one, which is more fuel economical, to cruise.  So therefore, our preliminary tests showed 60-67 miles per gallon" said Belloso.

Belloso said doing away with the lithium battery gets rid of the expensive purchase and replacement costs while still giving the driver the desired fuel economy.  Belloso is trying to get his idea out to major car manufacturers but with no luck, so far.

"I have been sending letters out and I don't get responses.  The few responses are a polite 'thank you very much, we'll think about it and we'll call you.'  And they don't call," Belloso said.

The inventor said the two engines are meant to be small - two or three cylinders each.  He said together, they are roughly the size of a regular four to six cylinder engine.  Therefore, cars that adopt his idea would not need to be larger to accommodate for his idea.  And Belloso said he wants this idea to make it big for much more than some extra money in his pocket.

"We have to have a significant portion of the number of cars in the world running at 50, 60, 100 miles per gallon in order to make a dent on the increase of carbon and other gases in the atmosphere, Belloso said.

This is not Belloso's first attempt at car modifications.  He has 16 automotive innovation patents and another four that are still pending.

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