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Mystery Group Encourages Salisbury to Take Part in WhySby


SALISBURY, Md.- Did you happen to wake up on Thursday morning and see plenty of black, white and yellow signs lining downtown Salisbury?

"I didn't know what it was at first," said longtime resident Bill Ahtes.

"I wanted to know what it meant," said Efigenio Bautista.

The signs read but just like many people, WBOC also wanted to know what it was about and who was behind it.

"It's an entirely anonymous effort to get people to think about why this place matters to them," said one of the several mystery guys who went around late Wednesday night into Thursday morning, putting up the signs. "Every comment will be approved as long as you are answering the question."

It's a question Ahtes said that he has an answer to and will most likely post on the Web portal.

"I think these guys think the way I do," Ahtes said. "They think positive and that is what you've got to have. The old days of this won't work or that won't work, that's just baloney."

The signs also caught Jake Connelly's attention while he was strolling downtown. Connelly said he likes having the option of being able to say what he feels about the city

"I become jaded because I have always lived here and I felt like that there could be so much more," Connelly said.

Efigenio Bautista said that he's in between opinions when it comes to what he would say on the website. He added that every town has it good and bad qualities so he would give a balanced comment. 

"It's strengths comes from diversity and it has an intelligent population," Bautista said. "But things could be improved including delivery of health care and education."

One of the mystery men said that no taxpayer money was used in this effort. The group is not finished with putting up the signs just yet. People can expect to see more of those by the end of September. 

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