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Deer Smashes Through Window and into Bedroom of Camden Couple's Home

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CAMDEN, Del. (WBOC) - It was a scary morning for a family in Kent County. A deer jumped through the window of a bedroom in Audrey and Bob Penney's home on Philchris Drive in Camden.

"He said it looks like a murder scene."

That's the way Audrey says a police officer described this bedroom. The room was covered smashed glass. There was blood everywhere. And the room's bed was broken.

The Penneys were getting ready for their day when it all started.

"We heard this terrible, outlandish noise - crashing glass," said Audrey. "We had no idea what it was."

Bob went to investigate, saw a young buck, shut the bedroom door. They called the police.

"In the meantime the deer kept on and on and one crashing against the window," she said. "It was not an interesting morning for us. It was downright frightening."

It was frightening for her granddaughter, Callie, too. She is a sophomore at Delaware State University. Callie stopped by her grandparent's place between classes and saw the broken window.

"I started seeing blood on the side of the house. I didn't know what had happened. I just about killed myself getting out of the car, running over here to make sure everything was OK."

"I heard a little knock on the door," Audrey said. "And she was just there with her mouth wide open wondering what the world has happened."

"There's blood up the walls," said Callie. "Glass is everywhere inside the house, outside the house, all over the bed. It was just wild.

The buck was trapped in the bedroom for a little while, but eventually, even before Callie arrived, it escaped.

Audrey says the deer actually went through the top part of the window, and it was her husband that cut open the bottom part to let the deer get out.

As for the fate of the deer, she's not sure.

"Wherever he is, he's hurting," Audrey said. "That poor deer was chewed up."

She's also unsure about the fate of the bedroom.

"I don't know," she said, laughing. "We haven't come to that yet."

Audrey says what makes this whole thing even more amazing is that she's never even seen a deer come near their house before Tuesday.

She thinks the deer saw himself in the window, thought it was another buck and decided to challenge him. Of course, it would just have been his reflection.

Joe Rogerson, a deer and furbearer biologist with DNREC, says late October is right at the front edge of deer mating season. That has deer, especially males, more active and more aggressive. Rogerson says it also makes Audrey's theory on what happened quite plausible.

"I have heard of this before," he said. "I haven't heard of it happening in Delaware in the past eight or so years - since I've been here. So, it's not a common practice."

Rogerson says it's not this kind of behavior the average person needs to worry about this time of year. It's what deer are doing on and around roadways around Delmarva.

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