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Salisbury Veterinarian Suggests Buying Only Made in USA Pet Treats


SALISBURY, Md.-People love to spoil their pets and sometime they even love to reward them with a treat but did you know those pet treats could be doing your furry friend more harm than good?

The Food and Drug Administration is busy investigating a mysterious treat-related illness.

The administration says that most of those pet products were made in China and were linked to 580 deaths and 3600 illnesses in cats and dogs. 

Beth Lynch said that she has always been cautious about what types of treats she gives her dog, Bruce, but now that there is an FDA warning about tainted jerky treats making pets sick and even killing them  she's worried.

"I'm definitely going to read labels and just be more picky about where the food comes from and probably even use more human based treat options." Lynch said. That's an option Dr. Jeffrey Reed in Salisbury said that he recommends all pet owners stick to.
"I know the ones that have been implicated in this have all been chicken flavored in some way or another and this is not the first time that chicken treats have been implicated in causing disease in animals," Reed said.

Reed said that if your pooch or cat happens to become sick after nibbling on a treat there are some signs to look for as far as the symptoms are concerned.

"Loss of appetite, vomiting diarrhea and then in the case of any renal disease it would be increased drinking and increased urination," he said.

"When it comes to feeding treats, check the back of the label and see if it is made in America, then I feel like that is a much safer way."

Robin Breasure who is a natural pet food seller in Delmar said that a few concerned customers came her way on Wednesday asking her if they needed to worry about the treats they have been buying from her store for a long time, "I told them all the treats we have are made in the USA," Breasure said, "so I felt pretty safe that what we have is a product that wouldn't be concerned about and I try not have anything in here that I wouldn't feel safe feeding our own dog and cat."

The FDA sent a letter to veterinarians requesting a urine sample and blood work from ill pets who consumed jerky pet treats.


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