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Soon All Police Officers Will Carry Tasers in Pocomoke City


POCOMOKE CITY, Md.- When a person needs to be subdued, police have a variety of options to do so. They can confront them by hand, they can use lethal weapons, and now they can use Tasers in Pocomoke City. They already had two of these non-lethal weapons, but now the department is adding enough Tasers for every patrolman to be equipped with one.

The Tasers are typically non-lethal, but on rare occasions they can lead to death if a person has a weak heart. This leads some people to oppose the Tasers, as they fear if may lead to unintentional deaths when police confront criminals.

Pocomoke City police officer Arthur Hancock showed WBOC the new Tasers inside of the department Monday afternoon. It is a small, yellow device, that looks similar to a gun, and when he pulled the trigger, a loud buzzing noise erupts out of the Taser.

"Stop resisting or you're going to be tased," he said in the moments before pulling the trigger.

He said they issue this warning before using their weapon, to ensure the victim knows what's coming. Police Chief Kelvin Sewell said these Tasers were an important investment for department. 

"Tasers are used for the officers safety and the community's safety," he said.

He said these devices were used so that they wouldn't have to use fatal devices like guns. The Tasers release 50,000 volts of electricity which overrides the neural system causing the person to be incapacitated. It is at this time that the officers are able subdue the person.

Some people are concerned about this new weapon though. Concern has risen over the potential abuse of these weapons. But Hancock said the police department in Pocomoke City will be able to use restraint. Each police officer was tased themselves so that they would know what they are doing when they pull the trigger. Hancock explained what the feeling was like in the moments after being tased.

"It's a feeling I can't describe," he said. "No control over my body functions. I was unable to move at all."  

In the last year when Pocomoke City had only two Tasers in the department, they were deployed twice. Sewell said he hopes to keep this number low, despite the addition of this new device.

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