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Rob Waters and the 'Recovery' Challenge


Rob Waters is a graphic designer who does commercial ads and various other projects. He's also a videographer. I interviewed him last year about a short film he made called The Detector. He's since made another short called Recovery, which is playing at the 16th annual Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival.

It's the first film he's done that he didn't write. Instead, Waters challenged James Keegan to write the short film in a week. Keegan is a Shakespearean actor and English professor at the University of Delaware.

Keegan had the month of June off from acting and school, and loved challenges, so Waters leveled him with this one. Waters felt that letting Keegan write the 13-page screenplay gave him freedom that he never had before.

Because he wasn't too close to the material, Waters believed it allowed him to come at this film with a fresh perspective. There's an ambiguity to the story that he found very compelling. He notes that Recovery has an ending that left things open for the viewer to interpret. This is opposed to Waters' other films, which have always been relatively straight-forward in their endings.

Just as Waters challenged Keegan to write the short film, he also somewhat challenges the viewers of Recovery to interpret that ending in writing as well. He emailed me and told me, "It might sound silly or high-minded but I wanted this film to be the kind of thing that someone could write a paper about."

If that is Rob Waters' challenge to the viewers, I am here to say that I happily accept that challenge. Waters allowed me to preview Recovery ahead of its screening at the Rehoboth Beach festival. My paper or the following interpretation will include spoilers, so be forewarned.

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