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Kidnapping Victim Speaks Out After 11 Years of Captivity


SALISBURY, Md.- Six months after she was freed from the so-called "house of horrors" where Ariel Castro held her captive for 11 years, kidnapping victim Michelle Knight, 32, of Cleveland, is speaking out.

Knight, one of three women held captive, told Dr. Phil in an interview aired Tuesday that she was lured into Castro's home in August 2002. She said she was lured to the home, then hung from a pipe and left dangling for 24 hours.

As Michelle Knight sat down in an emotional interview with Dr. Phil, we sat down with psychologist Melinda Brett, to get into the psyche of both the victim and abuser, 52 year-old Castro.

"He needed to see her in pain," said Brett, as she hears Knight describe the horrific circumstances inside Castro's home. "He needed to see what he could inflict onto her, and to feel that he was in the position not only to inflict pain but to relieve pain."

Tied up "like a fish" in the cold, damp and filthy basement of the home, Knight told Mr. Phil it was "11 years in hell."

Dr. Phil asked, "He tied your hands, feet and also around your neck, and hung you from this rood?" Kinght answered, "yes."

Knight told Dr. Phil she was used as Castro's main "punching bag." She suffered vision loss, joint and muscle damage. But she remembers much of what happened at the "house of horror."

Holding her head down while shaking in disgust, she said, "he [expletive], [expletive] on my clothes. Which was pretty disgusting. "

Knight's mother told Dr. Phil, she doesn't think her daughter is lying but she believes Michelle's perception of the events is distorted due to the many years of trauma. Psychologist Brett said that's possible.

"A lot of times what happens, there's also a whole degree of brainwashing that goes along with it," said Brett. "So what the abuser is saying to them is I'm all you got."

It'll take time for Knight to recover but Knight is closer now that she's opened up about the 11 agonizing years at this Cleveland house of horror, according to Brett.

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