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Tips for Winterizing Your Car This Season


SALISBURY, Md. - It is the season of car problems, and so WBOC spoke with mechanics Monday to formulate a list of tips that can save you time and a hassle this season. WBOC took a trip to Grant's Service Center, off of Route 13 to speak with mechanic Chris Hovatter about the main techniques to keep your car running during the cold winter months.

Hovatter who has been working in the industry for more than a decade said that the primary focuses should be on four aspects of the car: The level of antifreeze, the type of washer fluid, the tire pressure, and the upkeep of the battery.

He said these four car parts are the most affected during these months.

"I've seen the worst of the worst when it comes to cold weather," he said as he popped open the hood.

He started to pour antifreeze into a car that was in the shop. He said this was crucially important for regulating the temperature of the car. Without antifreeze, the engine can freeze, something that would lead to a procedure that would cost thousands of dollars to repair.

The second tip offered by Hovatter is to use the proper type of washer fluid. If you use summer washer fluid, it can have adverse effects above and below the hood.

"This jug," he said as he pointed to a small container to the left of the engine. "Will actually crack if you don't use the correct windshield washing fluid."

Step three is to monitor the tire pressure. When the temperature is high, air in the tires expands, as the molecules jump around at a faster pace. When it gets cold, these molecules will slow down, leading to a more deflated tire. Hovatter said this can lead to accidents, and can waste fuel.

Lastly, he said the winter months are a good time to check on the battery of the car. As the temperature drops, these important devices can become less effective.  

"This will leave you stranded for sure," he said pointing at the battery. "This is the life of your vehicle."

Winterizing your car is an important process for many reasons, but Hovatter said one stands out the most.  

"Money," he said. "That's the key thing here. Saving money and saving your vehicle."

There is of course a cost to winterizing your vehicle, but Hovatter said it's worth protecting your car from a more costly expense as the temperature continues to fall.

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