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Efforts to Amend Sign Ordinance Unsuccessful - For Now


CRISFIELD, Md. - A business store owner in Crisfield said that he has been unsuccessful in persuading the city council to amend a city sign ordinance but will not give up his efforts just yet.

John Dize is the owner of Crisfield Computers and said he went to the Crisfield City Council meeting with a petition that had over 130 signatures.  Dize made his pitch to amend an ordinance that does not allow for flashing signs in the city.  His pitch was shot down.

"We are trying to do everything the correct way but it was just a disappointment last night.  Walking out of there, the only thing we were left with is we can appeal it for $400 dollars," said Dize.

Dize said that he won't appeal but will continue to go before the city council.  The city inspector, Noah Bradshaw, said the ordinance has been on the books since 1989 and is in place to stop the flashing signs from distracting motorists and causing a safety concern.

Becky Dinterman is the owner of the Cutting Edge Hair Salon and she said she needs a flashing sign to bring in customers.

"If they are not blinking when people are shopping, we are just invisible to the entire town," said Dinterman.

Both Dize and Dinterman said they would leave their signs on and flashing while Dize continues his efforts.

"After last night's council meeting, I am going to go ahead and leave my sign flashing and try and attract as much business through the Christmas season as I can.  We are one of the struggling businesses after Hurricane Sandy and we need every customer to come through the door we can," Dize said.

Dize said that he will attempt to get on the city council agenda for January 8th where he will make another pitch to change the ordinance in Crisfield.

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