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Mega Millions Frenzy on Delmarva


DELMARVA (WBOC)The prospect of $636 million dollars is enough motivation to send people across Delmarva rushing to their local convenience stores and purchasing their Mega Millions lottery ticket.

Lots of people were taking their chances at the Exxon gas station in Fruitland.

"First thing that goes through my mind is I do have a chance to win because I did play.  You can't win if you don't play," said Stewart Elzy of Salisbury.

"I hope to God I win.  I've never played before so this is my first time," said Jackie Wheatley of Princess Anne.

At the Royal Farms in Dover, Dave Borek bought $10 worth of tickets.

"I work at DelDOT. I took a walk up here to grab some lunch and grab some tickets," he said.

"I've been buying all week," said Charles Wright, of Dover. "I bought this one to play higher numbers. I didn't realize there were higher numbers in it."

The Mega Millions rules were changed last October. People used to pick numbers from 1 to 56 but it was changed to 1 to 75. While your chances of winning decreased, the jackpots have increased.

That had a lot of people showing up at Royal Farms.

"Earlier this morning we were really busy. We had a lot of office pools - $75, $50. People who don't normally buy it are buying it," said Jane Chorman, who works at the convenience store. "An individual man spent $60. That was himself. The office pool was $75."

"I've talked to my wife about it many times. That much money, you've got to daydream. I think about what I would do with all this money and all the people I can help," said George Fontaine of Fruitland.

And people can get very creative with the idea of all that money.

"I've always wanted a helicopter. Maybe go down to Florida for some ice cream on the weekends. I wouldn't do anything fancy. Just buy a nice house, maybe take care of my family. I'd probably give a lot of it away," said Elzy.

If the winning numbers are not drawn on Tuesday, the next drawing will be Friday.  If there is still no winner by then, the jackpot could reach $1 billion.

The chances of striking it rich are 1 in 260 million. Those aren't great odds. In fact, an amateur golfer is more likely to get two holes in one in a row. And over the course of your life time you are 40,000 times more likely to be struck by lightning.

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