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Salisbury Locals Have 24 Hours to Clear Snowy Sidewalks


SALISBURY, Md.- Wicomico County got at least three-inches of snow this past week, and Wayne Cox, along with every other resident in Salisbury, have to clear off every inch of snow from their sidewalks.

In fact they have 24 hours to do so, or face a hefty fine. According to city law, it's your responsibility to clear snow-covered sidewalks in front of your homes or businesses. Cox understands why.

"It's a big liability because you own your sidewalk," said Cox. "Even though it's part of the city, you still got to shovel it." 

You could be charged $50 if you're caught breaking this law. Then there is an additional $50 fine for each day the sidewalk isn't cleared. The city could fine you up to $250. It's a hefty amount Jack Hill's wife said he can't afford to pay. So he's hitting the pavement.

"She's the one that forced me to come out and do this," said Hill, of Salisbury, as he shoveled thick layers of snow off his sidewalk. "So it wasn't my choice."

Virginia Case said it's not easy delivering the mail in frigid temps, but it's her job. And she said the job becomes even harder to do when some people on her route in Salisbury don't clean their snowy or icy sidewalks.

"It's a little challenging but it's important to just be safe and take your time and watch your footing," said Case. But there were plenty of times she almost lost her footing while going door-to-door. So, she holds on to ramps for support- if ramps are there.

The code enforcer is usually on the hunt for violators, so Wayne Cox is getting rid off what's left on this sidewalk.

"I'll go up and down this sidewalk until everything is gone," said Cox.

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