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Salisbury Woman Remembers Beatles First US Concert, 50 Years Later


SALISBURY, Md.- Fifty years ago Tuesday, four British rockers took the stage for their first ever concert on U.S. soil. The concert, at the Washington Coliseum in D.C., was a highlight of what would kick off the so-called "British Invasion." We're talking about the Beatles, of course. One die-hard fan right here on Delmarva was there as history was made.

The atmosphere was electric. The experience, unforgettable.

"The wildest night of my life," recalled Pat Panuska of Salisbury who, at 16 years old, was one of thousands of screaming fans in the audience.

"You could barely hear the band most of the time," she said.

It was a history-making event, 50 years ago.

"They're really here. I'm really here. This is like a dream come true. This is a dream. No it's not, my head hurts. It was like so surreal," Pat explained.

 It was an event that forever changed music and the world.

"Rock and roll became rock," noted Pat. "The whole world of music changed. And it led me, I grew with the music and the culture, it was changing at the time, into spiritual peace and love and harmony in the world and all those things, and I grew with them."

For the first time, the Beatles were in concert on an American stage, in front of an American audience.

"To be in the presence of these four guys that had created such chaos and pandemonium of love. It was just a thrill beyond words," said Pat.

Pat still has Xeroxed copies of her tickets -- third row, center -- a birthday gift from her dad, along with a rare, autographed poster she purchased at the concert for ten dollars.

They serve as mementos of that night, that for Pat and countless others, was about so much more than just the music.

Pat told WBOC she got to meet Paul McCartney, one of the two surviving Beatles, in person at a Brian Wilson concert in 2004. She said she walked up to him, told him she had been there for his first concert in Washington, and McCartney gave her a hug and said "you survived it, too!"

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