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Goose Droppings Cause Messy Controversy in Ocean Pines


OCEAN PINES, Md.- Goose waste has littered Ocean Pines and some people are fed up with the mess. Residents say it is not only a health concern but a challenge for some people to navigate through the zigs and zags of goose dung.

Christina Pellenbarg, who lives in Ocean Pines, said getting around without getting her shoes messy is nearly impossible. 

"It is a mess. Of course when you have kids around and you're taking them to look at all of the ducks and all of that, you have to say, 'Watch out, don't step [there].'"

The Canada goose population has dramatically increased in the past years, according to the Ocean Pines Board of Directors.

It is an issue Pellenbarg cannot ignore and leave on the bottom of her shoes.

"Walking around and all of that, you can't even sit down because it's like all over the ground. Just having the kids get into it is just a mess," she said.

The Ocean Pines Association plans to step in to clean up the mess, according to Bob Thompson, the association's general manager.

"We haven't taken any [action] yet," Thompson said. "We haven't coordinated any effort that said XY or Z but we are exploring all of the options right now."

He says one option is euthenizing the invasive bird. But that is causing controversy.

"That's sad," Pellenbarg said "I mean it is like euthanizing cats because there are too many cats around. I understand but that's upsetting to me."

Thompson said dealing with the problem  is the problem.

"No one likes to euthanize anything around," he said. "That's why the decision on what we are going to do hasn't been made yet."

Some people fear the droppings could pose a health concern so officials say they will have to move fast.

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