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Kent Co. Father Says He's Angry after Snow Plow Incident


CLAYTON, Del. (WBOC) - A Kent County father is very upset after he says a DelDOT snow plow nearly seriously hurt his kids.

Kent County got about an inch of snow Monday into Tuesday. It had stopped snowing Tuesday by the time Gary Coleman was standing in his driveway with his kids waiting for their school bus. Coleman lives along Millington Road, west of Clayton, a road with a 50 MPH speed limit.

"I noticed the snow plow coming down the road," he said. "He was doing about 50 mph. He got closer and closer to us. I thought he would either see us or slow down."

But Coleman says he didn't.

"When he got to the driveway next to me is when I knew he wasn't slowing down. We grabbed the kids and threw them into the bus stop."

Coleman says he turned his back just as the plow passed and sprayed debris from the road.

"It was like a wave about 20 feet in the air of ice, snow, mud, everything, just came down," said Coleman.

He says the debris punched holes in the plastic of his homemade bus stop shelter.

"If I wasn't out here, my kids would have been really, really hurt."

Coleman says he ended up speaking with the driver on the phone later.

"He told me the reason he couldn't see us was he couldn't see out his window. That's lame. Stop. Clean it off. You wouldn't drive your car like that."

"Keeping the windshield clean is a constant challenge for our folks," said DelDOT spokesman Jim Westhoff. "However, if the windshield is obstructed, the drivers knows to stop and clean the windshield off."

Westhoff says there's no excuse for what Coleman says happened.

"What you've described to us is completely unacceptable. There is no acceptable reason for why that may have occurred. Right now we are investigating the matter and will address it properly with the employee."

Westhoff wouldn't say what that might entail.

Coleman says there's a lesson here, not just for him, but for all parents.

"Just don't send your kids out to the bus stop without being with them if they're near a main road," he said.

Moving forward from here, Coleman says he'll be rethinking where his kids stand in the driveway while they wait for the bus. And, of course, he now has to make repairs to his shelter. The state could end up paying to repair the Coleman's bus stop shelter through the same system used to repair and replace mailboxes damaged by plows.

Westhoff says though drivers know to slow down or stop if there are people on the side of the road, DelDOT will be using this as an opportunity to remind every driver what to do when someone along a road.

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