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Dui Jarrod's Lesson Before Love


Dui Jarrod is the writer and director of Lesson Before Love, a film that premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music or BAM in 2012 for the New Voices in Black Cinema. It played at several festivals where it won a couple of awards. It had a limited theatrical run that year, and after a cooling period it's now getting a DVD release on February 25, 2014. It comes nearly two weeks after Valentine's Day, which is appropriate because the film is inspired by a Valentine's Day that Jarrod celebrated five years ago where instead of spending the day with one particular person whom he loves, Jarrod spent the entire day with his fellow single friends.

Jarrod and his friends had a lot of fun, but they also had a lot of great conversations about life and love, where they were, what they wanted and why they all were still single. The next day, Jarrod got to work writing about the things he and his friends discussed and used that as a jumping off point to craft a screenplay about four characters dealing with similar issues regarding their personal relationships and careers.

Each character in Lesson Before Love has to learn something about themselves in order to move forward in their lives. While writing the script or perhaps prior, Jarrod had to learn something about himself in order to move forward in his life, specifically to move forward romantically. Jarrod couldn't make it work with his past girlfriends because he says he was unfulfilled creatively and artistically.

Yes, Dui Jarrod is an artist. He can now be called a filmmaker, but he's chiefly a writer and mostly a dramatist. He's been a dramatist ever since he was a little kid. He said when he was still a prepubescent boy, he would stage one-man shows for his mother after she got home from her secretarial job and while she was making dinner for him and his five siblings. Jarrod is the fourth child of six total. He has three brothers and two sisters. None of them are artists.

Jarrod said he's always had an extremely vivid imagination. He was born on March 30, 1980, in Little Rock, Arkansas. He grew up in Pine Bluff, which is about a hour or so south of the city and is about an eighth of the size of Little Rock. Even though Jarrod's father worked as an industrial salesman, his family was still very much poor and black, so he didn't have many outlets for his imagination. His summers as a youth was spent watching VHS tapes over and over.

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