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Costly Energy Bills for Man Looking to Save


DELMAR, Md. - A Delmar man said that he made a switch in energy suppliers to save money on his monthly utility bills and ended up paying much more than he expected.

"I was livid.  I could not imagine a household with a $1000 or $1300 or $1400 electric bill.  You could leave all the lights on and it wouldn't be that high," said Richard Evans of Delmar.

Evans made the switch a few months ago to Maryland Gas and Electric from Delmarva Power.  Evans claimed that he was told for a rate of about eight and a half cents per kilowatt hour.  But on his bills, Evans was charged over 21 center per kilowatt hour.  Evans' first bill was over $400, the second reached over $1000 and the third was even more.

"It was $1393 and some change.  And I just... I had some stash so I ended up paying it.  I wasn't happy but I ended up paying it."

Evans said he called the energy supplier looking for answers and was told the cold weather and increased demand for energy caused the rate to be higher.  Evans said he expected his usage to increase during the cold, but not the actual rate of the kilowatt hours.  Evans had some advice for anyone else who made the switch.

"Just pay attention because it will tell you on the bill what you're paying for a kilowatt hour.  You need to pay attention to that because that is what is killing you."

WBOC reached out to Maryland Electric and gas by phone and email on Friday but both went unreturned.  However, we did check the company's website which stated the programs people can enroll in are variable price programs.  The website reads "When you enroll in our Variable Price program, you gain the flexibility of month-to-month pricing without a long-term commitment."  That may explain Evans' higher bill.

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