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Man Tells Story of Cross-Country Trek


LEWES, De. - A Georgia man finished a 4,800 mile hike across the country Saturday, arriving at the Atlantic Ocean by the Cape Henlopen State Park. He was greeted by friends and family, cheering him on after 360 days of traveling. Now after his life-changing journey, Josh Seehorn sat down with WBOC to tell his story. 

He passed through 12 different states and the District of Colombia, traveling from Point Reyes in California to the coast of Delaware. On this trek, he hiked through dirt, water, rocks, snow and everything in between. The entire path was along the America Discovery Trail, which connects the coasts. 

Seehorn described his journey. 

"I came through farm fields, forests, deserts, cannons," he said. "It definitely got the whole spectrum of what America has to offer." 

Seehorn has a beard hanging nearly a foot off his chin. He wears a tight black shirt, and tiny black running shorts.

"At no point really was I really ever thinking how much longer will this take or - you know - looking down and wondering when it would be over," he said. "But I did have moments where I just thought 'what town is this?' Where am I right now?" 

His intentions for hiking across the country were twofold. He was doing it to raise money and awareness for Envirothon, a high school environmental competition. But he was also doing it for himself, to test his faith and to see what the country had to offer. 

He sat down with WBOC in front of his computer, showing videos and photos of his trip. He brought with him on his journey a camera and a go-pro video camera. Between the two, he gathered hours of content, which he shared through his blog, 

"Frost covered briars with the sun in the background," he said pointing at his computer. "And this is some crazy landforms. This is a place called Ash Cave in Ohio."

On his screen a waterfall is frozen, creating a 20 foot ice formation. Next to the gigantic structure, Seehorn stands at it's side. 

"I've trekked through 2.5 feet of snow and gone over ten foot snow drifts," he said cycling through other photos. "And have to snow shoe through a lot of sections. And that was something different. I had never done that before."

In another photo, he stands on top of a mountain, overlooking a magnificent skyline in Colorado.

"I've done everything from 110 degree weather to -15 degree weather," he said. "So it's been everything in between and you just have to adjust."  

But even more than the sights, he said he was touched by the people he met.

"My faith has been strengthened just in my faith in Christ," he said. "But my faith in humanity kinda has been strengthened as well. Cause I kinda expected to be seeing the worst side of America at times. And in 360 days, 99 percent of my interactions have all been really positive and has been very uplifting and that has been something that has changed my outlook on what America is like."

He told stories of a dentist that gave him free surgery when he needed a root canal. He spoke of driving a heroin addict from Indiana to a hospital, where they then sat and prayed outside the building. He reminisced on a police officer that bought him McDonalds when he needed it. 

Throughout it all, he said he was amazed at the kindness people had across the country. He said he had one message for all who might be inspired by him. 

"That America is still generous, he said. "Still kind.

And he offered one piece of advice.

"Go out and shake someone's hand," he said. 

Seehorn said he is now returning to Georgia. However, he said he will be taking the running shoes off, and will drive home this time around.

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