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Synthetic Drugs Highlighted in Mikowski Trial

EASTON, Md.- Many people have heard of drugs like Molly and Bath Salts, but what about 25C-NBOMe?  That's the drug police say 18 year old Matthew Mikowski and 18 year old Sam Cross were on when Mikowski strangled Cross in June of 2013.

According to testimony, the group of friends believed they were taking LSD, but instead ingested 25C.  Police say Cross began acting erratically before Mikowski restrained him, eventually suffocating him.

The trial has highlighted the danger of synthetic drugs.  WBOC spoke to Gary Pearce, Executive Director of the Talbot Partnership for Alcohol and Drug Abuse, who says the new designer drugs are even more dangerous than their conventional counterparts.

 "You're never 100 percent sure of what you're getting.  It's a chemical compound, depending on where it's made and who makes it, they could make it differently, put different compounds in there that you have no idea of, or could be laced with things that you have no idea of." said Pearce.

 He says this means one batch of 25C could be much more or less potent than the next batch.  He says to complicate things even further, the chemical composition is constantly changing.

    "Government will come in and make a certain molecular compound illegal because that's the drug it is.  And so they'll just make one small change to the molecular compound and then it's something different and it's not illegal." said Pearce.

    With synthetics becoming more popular due to their low cost and easy attainability, many are pulling out the stops to get young people to not use these drugs.  We spoke with Sean Pietras, owner of Sean's music across the street from the courthouse.  He has started an open mic night on Wednesdays to give young people something to do.

    "You see with what's going on across the street.  Young people are resorting more and more to alcohol and drug abuse and if we can give a clean safe environment, that's our goal." said Pietras.

    A goal shared by many to clean up the community in the wake of this trial.  Mikowski's trial is set to continue through Friday.

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