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Bill Aims to Tighten Seatbelt and Cell Phone Law in Delaware

SEAFORD, Del.- If you are still in the habit of using your cell phone behind the wheel or driving without a seatbelt in Delaware, you will want to think twice about doing it. Lawmakers are working on a bill that would help police track you down.

House Bill 280 would allow officers to radio a comrade, report those violations and then have that officer pull you over. That is the case for other offenses like speeding and running a red light.

Jill Green said she gets nervous when people pick up their cell phone while behind the wheel.

“ Put down the cell phone. There is nothing so important, or nobody more important that you must be on that constantly while riding down the road," Green said. " When you're putting my life at risk, it's really a no, no."  

While Green would like for the roads to stay safe, she is against the bill. Green has been pulled over for speeding before.

" I'd be very upset if he just said, 'my buddy down the road saw you go through that stop sign," Green said. " I'm afraid I'd have to say 'please get your buddy up here to give me the ticket.'" 

Jim Long agrees that the officer who spots the violation should be the one to pull the driver over.

"No, no, no. You've go to see them do it," Long said. " You've got to see someone do something wrong, and you've got to be there to do it." 

Not everyone was against the idea. Sharon Ecker does not think the law would be a problem.

"I think if they saw it, that's actually proof enough for them to pull whoever over," Ecker said.

The bill passed in the House today and is headed to the state senate. 
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