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GreenSBY Group Talks Salisbury Community Gardens, Some People Skeptical

A community garden at MAC Inc. in Salisbury. A community garden at MAC Inc. in Salisbury.
SALISBURY, Md.-Making Salisbury a greener city to live. That's the goal of GreenSBY. It's a local group of volunteers who have been talking about building a network of community gardens around the city.

"Our purpose right now is to get organized, link them, link their knowledge, lessons learned and put resources together," said city Councilman, Jake Day.

Day added that the city is not involved with this project and that his support is completely independent.

Day said the movement is a push for urban agriculture which would help address issues of hunger, healthy eating, and gardening as a hobby. 

"It extends from growing herbs and potted plants, to growing vegetables for significant amounts of food to honey bees in creating honey all the way to maybe creating branded local things," Day said. 

Day said, a few spots where these gardens could sprout are some areas downtown, including North Camden Avenue.

But some people like Bill Creese said that while there are good intentions behind the idea, he isn't sure if it's realistic.

"I think the issues in Salisbury are a lot bigger than just a garden," Creese said, "what happens when people are breaking into the garden or destroying the gardens? Who do you think will be taking care of that? It's going to be the police officers."

Some other people like Lionel Peterson of Salisbury were skeptical too.

"Yes areas around here need to be spruced up but why put those in?" Peterson remarked, "why not put in affordable housing for people, that's where most people's mind set is."

The group is looking for input from the community. They plan to hand out surveys on April 25, which is the beginning of the Salisbury Festival weekend. 

In it, the group will be asking if and where people would like to see community gardens put in place. 
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