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Survey Says Children Don't Know Story of Easter

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. - A recent survey conducted by the Bible Society indicates that children have little understanding of Easter or the Bible in general.

The Bible Society is an organization that translates, publishes and distributes Bibles. The survey said one in four children might not know what the reason for Easter Sunday is. It also said that 71 percent of parents said they do not believe their children have ever heard, read or seen the story of Easter.

Andy Tamaris of Perry Hall agreed, and said he thinks that chocolate rabbits and Easter eggs have taken over the holiday.

"It's become a holiday of illusions where the actual true meaning of [Jesus'] death is not even of importance to people," he said. "We know how important that should be, from reading the Bible," he said.

But some people think the survey is an indication that religion in general isn't taught enough.

"I believe it's important to educate them, like I said not only on your religion but other religions also, so they're understanding," Wryan O'Day of Pennsylvania said.

The Bible Society not only issued the survey, but it also issued a challenge; urging parents to "help keep the Bible alive for future generations."

"A lot of families aren't teaching religion anymore and it's apparent that they don't, children these days don't understand what the story of Easter is," Sally Walters of Laytonsville said. "But some families are into it and that's a nice thing, but it's not the majority I don't think."

Some people on the other hand are not concerned, like Tim Armstrong.

"To each their own," he explained. "It depends on what your faith is and how faith-based you are."

The survey also said that one in four children think a golden goose lays Easter eggs and that many think the story of the tortoise and the hare is in the Bible.

More than 800 children were questioned in the survey.

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